Wednesday, October 31, 2012

YAHOO! Its Over; Romney Wins!

How do I know?

Oh; just a wild guess.

But a rather informed one.

Like my post the other day discussed, The election will most likely boil down to Ohio, and Ohio will boil down to Hamilton County.

And less than a week from Election Day Obama cancels a rally in Hamilton County.

The published polls are showing a Romney surge, and like we discussed the other day as well, what are the internal polls showing?

I think this cancellation shows what the internals are showing.

Obama's decision to stay in Washington to "deal with Hurricane Sandy" is, in my opinion, a euphemism for the euphemism of 'wanting to spend more time with his family'.

I ain't pouring the bourbon yet, but I am pulling a dusty old bottle down off the shelf and polishing up a bourbon glass.

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