Thursday, November 1, 2012

Post Halloween Sugar Crash Blues

There are really only two days a year when it is permissible to over-indulge in sweet treats: Halloween and Easter. Easter has the added benefit of being the one day of the year when you have tacit permission to eat chocolate for breakfast.

But like any high, an inevitable crash follows. That was today. Unless you are still able to over-indulge in candy. Then the crash is tomorrow. But there will be a crash.

Kind of like November 7th. This election cycle has been a massive high in some respects. No matter which side you are on you have been riding a HOPE high; either a hope for four more years, or hope for no more years for the incumbent. Either way, we a have invested a lot of emotional energy into next Tuesday's outcome. And Wednesday's crash will be difficult, win or lose.

The losers will have obvious reasons for the blues: How will they survive the trip down the wrong road the country has decided to take?

The winners will have another few days of being 'UP'; but then reality sets in. Then comes 4 years of being required to govern, and not just carp from the sidelines.

Unless your a Democrat; then you just spend the next four years padding the pockets of every special interest group you have ever been associated with, instead of governing. Or developing a budget. Or leading.

Unless its from behind.

Sorry; How could a simple post about Halloween candy suddenly take a turn like that?

Well, that's what the crash does to you. Makes you mean. Unsettles your disposition. Makes you unwilling to listen to reason.

Like Obama for the last four years. He came down from his high and realized the job of President is hard work. So he left somebody else in charge and grabbed a basketball. Or some golf clubs. Or he went off on another campaign trip.

Sorry; its that dang sugar crash again.

But I'm looking forward to November 7th; I'll be high as a kite. Either Romney wins, and Obama goes home to Kenya (sorry; I just had to include a birther joke. I ran out of Milky Ways about an hour ago. Bite size my ass; I need 3 or 4 of 'em to make a bite), and I am looking forward to the next 4 years, or Obama wins, and I quit my job and let the rest of you working stiffs pay my bills. And I'll run down to Kroger's and get me a 'boma phone.

Win-Win either way.

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