Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day 2012

I may wind up doing several posts today, depending on how things progress, or I may wind up just editing this one.

I have lived in my house since 1995, and have voted in the same precinct since then; in presidential years since 1996. I showed up there this morning at 6:03, trying to beat the crowds.

I was too late. 1996 was busy, but not like today. 2000 wasn't too bad. 2004 was similar. 2008 was a walk-in.

6:03 AM this morning I waited in line for 20 minutes to vote. Based on the number and variety of yard signs I have seen locally, I am pretty sure I know who they were there to vote against.

The map above shows the current electoral map, based on the latest polls. Currently its 201 Obama, 191 Romney. But there are problems with this map and the polls.

The map below is probably more accurate, based on some polls. I created this map, following what I think are more accurate polls.

This map shows Obama 201, Romney 280, 10 more Electoral votes than Romney needs to win. It also doesn't include Iowa or Wisconsin, which are rumored to be leaning Romney as well.

Today is the only poll that counts, and the only one in which YOU select to participate or not. 11 hours from now we'll find out whether I'm right or not.

UPDATE: Its 6:45, and the polls have closed in Kentucky and Ohio. Ohio matters, because our news stations come out of Ohio. In a few minutes I will be comfortably ensconced in my recliner, ready to view a few hours of election returns and sip a little bourbon.

I happened to pass by my polling place twice today; each time the lot was full. I expect they had a busy day. When I was there this morning I made some comment on how busy they seemed to be. One of the poll workers said it wasn't too bad; they had 700 ballots. After that they were locking the doors. I'll bet today they used all 700 ballots.

8:00 is returns time. I have a big, dark Churchill in my humidor that I am itching to light up, but it's too damn cold to sit outside.And I will not light up in the house; its too dangerous. My recliner does not back up to a wall, and I don't want to get hit over the head with something.

As you can tell, I am preparing for a celebration. I am also praying. Not for Romney to win, but for God to smite down the fraudsters. Romney can win on his own, but only God can smite the fraudsters.

I saw a Facebook post a few days ago from a liberal friend, one I expect has unfriended me, since I posted my Monday blog post to my Facebook page as well, which asked "Why Conservatives think they know who side God is on?" My unposted answer was "maybe because we talk to him?"

It is either going to be a short night or a long one. Either way, I hope I have enough bourbon. Another update in a couple of hours.


Gee; I hope this ratio holds.

Or this ratio:

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