Monday, November 5, 2012

Are You Voting Tommorow?

Friends, tomorrow is important.

Although there are several Presidential Candidates on the ballot, only two really matter; Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. If you have read my blog you know how I feel about each of them. You also know how I feel about this country, and the personal liberty the Constitution provides us.

If you are a supporter of Obama, you probably have very good reasons. I hope those reasons have been arrived at by a careful review of the facts, a consultation with your conscience and some thought on where your choice will lead us in the next four years.

In Obama's case, you have the last four years as a guide. For Romney, all we have is his word. He does have a record as Governor of Massachusetts, and as a leader of the Olympics and at Bain Capital. Are those jobs any indication of his ability to lead this country?

Who knows? We'll have to elect him to find out.

But we know how Obama has lead this country; deeper into debt. And save your breath on Bush and his 'off the books wars'; at lest he was ABLE TO PASS A BUDGET. Something Obama has not done, although it is Constitutionally required, for 3 and a half years.

We know how Obama has lead this nation in Foreign Policy; Egypt, once our second strongest ally in the Middle East and the only predominately Moslem nation to have a treaty with Israel, our strongest ally in the Middle East, is now, for all practical purposes, in the hands of Al-Qaeda. The hard won peace in Iraq is disintegrating, because Obama failed to negotiate a Status of Forces Agreement with the country of Iraq and our stabilizing forces are being forces out, again by an arm of Al-Qaeda.

And Libya. Where Obama fought an undeclared war for a year to "LIBERATE" the country, and turn it into another Al-Qaeda partner. Where a faction of Al-Qaeda stormed an American Consulate and killed 4 Americans, including our Libyan Ambassador.

If that isn't bad enough, for two weeks every member of the Obama administration to address the attack blamed it on a 'spontaneous demonstration' because of a YouTube video critical of Mohammed. Really? and this 'spontaneous demonstration' just happened to occur on September 11th? Ah; but Obama had wiggle room. He happened to mention the word terrorism in his speech on September 12th.

But it couldn't have been Al-Qaeda; they disappeared when Osama Bin-Laden was killed, right?

It was only after the pressure from the New Media became overwhelming that their story was corrected, and it was acknowledged that the demonstration was actually a terrorist attack.

Then of course there was the comment Obama made to the Russians that he would have "More freedom after the election". What was that supposed to mean?

Do I even need to mention the list of long time allies, like England and Israel, that Obama has treated poorly? Queen Elizabeth has worked with every US President since Truman. Obama gave her an iPod. Or the disrespectful way Obama treated the Prime Minister of Israel?

Obama also has not treated the military well. His statement that we need fewer bayonets at the last debate displays his ignorance of the military and its weaponry. Each Marine is still issued a bayonet. But I guess someone who fails to recognize the pronunciation of the word corpsman when it appears on his teleprompter can't be bother to understand how the men under his command are armed.

Our power and influence has been diminished in every corner of the globe.

And then we have Gay Rights, Abortion and Illegal Immigration. Obama manages to fall on the wrong side of each of these issues. This election though I am considering these issues minor. Yes, it is good news that Romney has a (currently) pro-life stance, but right now it is our budget that is most important.

We need to get our spending under control. Yes, it means cutting Welfare, Medicaid and Food Stamps. Yes it means changes to FUTURE beneficiaries of Social Security and Medicare. Yes it means cuts to military spending. And it may mean tax increases.

But I doubt it. Once we get at least some of the 47% who are not producers back into producing and paying taxes we should have an increase in revenue that will offset the need for an increase in the rates.

Or we can once again lease timber, oil and gas and mining rights on Federal land. The income from these sources will also help offset both the debt and the deficit.

And easing EPA requires on coal will lead to cheaper energy, again boosting the economy and manufacturing, creating jobs and taxpayers, not tax burdens.

You will note I haven't linked to any articles, blog posts or reports to back up any of my assertions. I did that on purpose. If you are concerned about any of these topics then you have done the research yourself; hopefully with more than a quick search of MSNBC or CNN (because 'Faux News' lies so much). If you aren't interested, then you wouldn't follow the links anyway, and adding them would be a waste of my time. Or you already know the facts as I have presented them, and the links would be superfluous.

Tomorrow we have a clear choice. We can continue down the road we are on (as one quick wit said: Re-electing Obama is like backing up the Titanic to hit the iceberg a second time), knowing how Obama leads and where he is leading us, or we can (hopefully) change direction by electing Romney.

I can't guarantee where Romney will lead us. We may be running him out of office faster that we ran Obama. But I do know he offers a chance at a change, and that is a chance I am willing to take.

The Obama supporters in the crowd may not still be reading, but if you are, thanks for taking the time to consider a position other than your own. Please consider your choice for President carefully. I don't say lightly that the future of the country is at stake in this election. If, after very careful consideration, you are still voting Democrat, then by all means do us all a favor and sleep through tomorrow. Yes; I'm kidding. But only vote once.

Yes, I'm kidding again.

Romney supporters: VOTE!!!!!!!

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