Saturday, November 3, 2012

Last Man Standing

Last night I watched two new shows I have been looking forward too for a month or so; Last Man Standing and Malibu Country.

Malibu Country was okay, and I hope for better shows in the future, but Last Man Standing was an absolute hoot, especially the last weekend before the election. It was pretty much an Obama slam down, but the Romney opponents will get a few chuckles too.

This is the second season for Tim Allen's show. I liked it last year, and last nights episode had me laughing so much I hardly had time to drink a beer. Basically, Mike Baxter (Tim Allen) is the marketing director at a sporting goods store. He lives with his wife, three daughters and his grandson, his eldest daughter's child. Last season the 'baby daddy' was nowhere to be found, but this season he has reappeared.

Mike gets into some pretty funny rants, but last night a quarter of the show seemed to be a fairly funny rant about Obama, broken up by some jokes about fantasy football leagues. At one point Mike is talking to a break room full on employees at the store, all of whom are on laptops, doing their fantasy football teams, and Mike tells them to get back to work. "I have a Fantasy Team of Employees; none of you guys are on it" he says.

Mike is unhappy with the way his grandson is being raised, and last night at the end of the show he asks Boyd, the grandson, "Hey; wanna go out in the backyard and blow something up?"

My kinda Grandpa.

I also think we are seeing the beginning of a shift to more conservative characters on TV who not there just to be a butt of a joke. More and more Hollywood types are coming out of the Conservative closet. That says to me that there are now enough of them that their political persuasion is no longer a career ender, as it was a few years ago.

As with all things we'll have to see where it leads, but so far its a trend I like.

And you gotta see this review of  both shows, but only for the YouTube clip of Archie bunker talking about the Democrats in 1978.

Pretty applicable to Democrats in 2012 if you ask me. How much has changed, and how little has.

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