Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!


The minute I read this cartoon this morning I knew I had to post about it. In some respects Thanksgiving is the perfect government holiday.

In the United States, today has been set aside officially since  the 1860's as a day of celebrating and giving Thanks. I won't bore you with all of the history, but a day of giving thanks has been a part of history for more than a thousand years. Today its is considered a secular holiday, but it has deep religious roots.

Like our comic strip says, a semi-faith based holiday. Each individual is allowed to determine the framework of the day, and to give thanks in the manner they see fit. Most will spend some time in church this morning, but some won't. Most will gather with family and friends this afternoon to feast, but some won't. Most will have turkey, but some won't.

It depends on your family traditions. Some families take today and do some public service; helping out at a homeless shelter or a soup kitchen. Others use today as a way to reunite family, to see folks you haven't seen in a while, to spend time just visiting.

And that is the best part; there really are no rules. Almost like the old Zen Hippy saying; If it feels good; do it.

It's all in how you wish to give thanks, and to whomever you wish to give thanks to. Today isn't set aside to worship a specific deity; you are welcome to thank anyone you wish. All the government has provided is a holiday to do it on.

So whatever your choice today, ENJOY!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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