Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Liars and/or Democrats

I had a couple of things I wanted to blog about earlier today, but right now none of them seem important anymore.

Obama’s speech; who cares? No matter what he SAYS, we know the truth, and he ain’t tellin’ it.

I was going to blog about NASA sending up a satellite to monitor global warming (I mean, just what kinda carbon footprint does a rocket launch have anyway?), and the thing failed to separate and landed in the Antarctic Ocean.

Talking about global warming, I saw a big article about all these scientists in Antarctica crying about the lost glaciers, all because the mean temperature went up by 0.3 degrees in the last year. I’m sorry, but my freezer doesn’t defrost until it gets 30-40 degrees warmer. I ain’t sayin’ I know it all, but 0.3 of a degree is the difference between a frozen glacier and a river? Who in the Hell are they tryin’ to kid?

And then the whole deal with Burris and his appointment; another liar; lying (at best) by omission, and at worst by out and out deception. The worst part of that whole deal is now Reid looks like a genius when he was trying to keep the crook out in the first place. There’s a concept for ya: Harry Reid a voice of sanity in the Senate.

I guess that brings us full circle; from one lying Chicago Democrat to another.

Oh Hell, I need a beer.

Monday, February 23, 2009

I was reading about the Oscars this morning (I haven't seen the show in about 15 years at all, and only bits and pieces before that. I quit watching the Oscars when they snubbed Smokey and the Bandit in '79), and apparently I ain't the only one who has decided the idea of an industry awarding itself for its own brilliance is ignorant.

Maybe because they are the ENTERTAINMENT Industry, their show should be, you know, entertaining, to the general populace. And yet it comes off as an overly long bore and preach fest.

Imagine if the Oil Industry did the same thing; with the same glitz and live TV coverage. The outrage from the left would be deafening.

“How dare they spend millions to promote themselves; The cost of her dress would feed a family of 4 for a year; Why can’t they just accept an award, and not stoop to insulting our President Obama…”

You get the picture. Hypocrisy, they name is liberal.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I have always said I can get through anything, as long as I have bourbon

I was actually looking forward to 4 years of the Obama administration. I figured it would give me multiple reasons to seek solace in a bottle of Kentucky's finest.

And I have too. I have spent more on bourbon in the last 4weeks than I did during the first 4 years of the Bush administration. I just hope to hell when Obama gets around to nationalized health care it includes liver transplants.

And you know he will. Nationalize Health Care I mean. Liver transplants for conservatives won't be covered. You only get a new liver if you drank yourself silly on cheap wine and Donkey Kool Aid. But, I digress.

I found out today the fine Commonwealth of Kentucky is talking about raising liquor taxes. I guess they figure that booze is the last thing that gets cuts from a budget when the Democrats are in charge.

So now I’ll need to figure out how to get by without buying bourbon. Time to do a little backyard distilling I guess. Trouble is, good bourbon has to age 4 years, and by then Obama will be gone.

But then again, who really thought he’d get elected the first time?

Let’s see;

Oak barrel; Check.
Corn to ferment: Check.
Copper for the still…

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Who the Hell am I?

Just who (or what) is An Edjamikated Redneck?

First you take an ole country boy and let him work with his hands and back for a living for 20 years. Then you take away that living and force him back to school as an adult. Let him spend the next 6 years in various classrooms earning 2-1/2 degrees (I'm still a few credits short of the last one).

Then throw a Socialist in the White House.

Shake well and serve over ice with a premium bourbon.

What you wind up with is somebody who would rather get his hands dirty than keep them clean; somebody who would rather shoot his supper than eat a damn crab and somebody who would rather the government get the Hell outta his way than try to force feed him an approved diet.

And somebody who has to keep his hands clean for clients, eat crab for clients and drop fried foods to maintain a reasonable weight for clients- to earn a living with the education he was forced to get.

Now he needs to fight back, in a way that is socially acceptable. The "IMPEACH OBAMA" sign in the front yard is just to piss off the neighbors. The 4X4 pickup truck is to piss of the liberals and the bacon and eggs is to piss off the wife. She wants me to live forever.

So she isn't stuck with the kids and the mortgage.

Like I'm gonna LET her die first.

You know how it goes

You set out with a great goal.

First, you get busier than you thought you'd be.

And then that emergency comes up.

And then one day runs into the next.

Before you know it, it has been over two years since you've made a blog post.

Damn the bad luck.

But then, I've learned alot about blogging in the last two years. From the best of them; and you know who you are.

My goal, for the next year, is to blog like a Trooper.

But without the cleavage.

And food.

What the Hell is left?