Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Time Capsule

Well, you know how I love history, and how I am a woodworker when I have the chance.

Check out this article that captures both interests. Absolutely fascinating.

Imagine this shed has been more or less caught in a time capsule for almost 150 years.

It is a great thing it is being preserved.

Round 2

The other day I did this post about Hobby Lobby being turned down for an Obamacare exemption by the Federal Court in Oklahoma.

Today a Federal Appeals Court gave a private business owned by a Roman Catholic an injunction, keeping them from being forced to pay for birth control and abortion pills.

This does two things; it gives Hobby Lobby a basis for an appeal and it sets up an almost automatic Supreme Court Challenge, since we have two lower courts with two polar opposite opinions.

It also gives us hope that we may yet get relief from onerous Obamacare legislation.

Lets give Roberts another chance to get it right.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Absolutely everything is on the Internets; including a recipe for a 4-way.

Amazing. Right down to the spices to make the chili out of.

And no wonder it's so popular; how can you beat a combination of Meat and Chocolate?

I was actually looking for news about the rye bread shortage in Cincinnati. Apparently Hostess/Butternut baked ALL of the rye bread for this market.

Especially the dark German rye. My son, who works in food retailing, told me tonight they have had to deal with a a lot of ticked off Germans, unable to get their rye bread.

I'm one of them.

But at any rate this website had a combination of posts; one about the proper rye bread to use on a pastrami Reuben and another close by talking about Cincinnati Chili.

And the power of Bing saw 'Rye Bread' and 'Cincinnati' and thought that was what I was looking for.

Well; it wasn't then, but it is now.

Amazing what you can stumble into when you go out roaming around on the Internets.


There is a line in the John Wayne classic, Big Jake that is appropriate today.

Wayne's character is about to pay a one million dollar ransom- in 1909 dollars- and as he tosses the key to the strong box to the lead bandit Big Jake says "That's the stuff that dreams are made of."

There is a lot of dreaming going on today. How long would it take you to decide how to spend $550,000,000? What would you spend it on? How long would you keep your job after you won?

Five Hundred And Fifty Million Dollars; Half a Billion Dollars. No matter how you say it, it sounds like an unfathomable amount of money.

How would it make feel to know that that amount of money would not even put you in the top 400 richest people in the United States? You would have to double your jackpot, and then some, to even get a sniff at number 400. You would have to multiply it by 132 times to become second on the list to Bill Gates.

Adding up the fortunes of the ten richest folks in the country brings in about $346 billion; a staggering sum of money; 750 times the Powerball jackpot.

Then take that $346 billion and multiply it another 48 times; that's our national debt.

Kinda puts it into perspective; doesn't it?

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

BIG NEWS: Fast Food Doesn't Pay Much

I was emailed a link to an interesting article on companies that don't pay very well. The article has an blue chip pedigree- Wall Street Journal and Fox News- but seems to come off as the youngest half-wit brother.

I can't tell what the authors are trying to do. They lists twelve companies, and compare their profits, CEO compensation, gross receipts and average employee pay.

Guess what? Fast food and retail don't pay very well. There were a few surprises; Starbucks is on the list. Starbucks; the darling on the left; the epitome of responsible corporations; the purveyor of employees as partners. Yep. Starbucks is really an evil corporate fatcat. After verbally excoriating Sears because their website proclaims "Our associates are the heart of our company", and then asking them to work Black Friday, Starbucks appears on the Corporate Blackhearts list without a word of comment, except to note that Starbucks does have union employees.

Name a retailer: Target; Sears; K-mart; Wal-Mart. Yep; they're on the list. Name a fast food joint: McDonalds; Wendys; Taco Bell; KFC. Yep; Yep and Yep; all on the list, as well as parent company of Red Lobster and Longhorn.

They also don't break down the salaries into entry-level and career jobs. Face it; most of the jobs on this list are entry level. The 'I-worked-there- will-going-to-school' jobs. Yes they do have career positions in any of these companies, but for the most part their positions are in-work a few years- out to the real job.

And I say that with respect. Our country needs jobs like this; jobs that have a certain amount of responsibility and the ability to train workers on the basics of what work is. Showing up on time; giving a good measure while your there and getting along with others whose company you may or may not enjoy.

Who wants to pay $20 an hour so they can train you to earn a living?

The second point the authors are trying to make is that the CEO's are grossly overpaid. Take Wendy's for example; The CEO made $16,537,725 last year. Sounds like a chunk of change, don't it? But that amount is less that the average beginning Powerball jackpot.

Wendy's also has 168,672 employees. Our overpaid CEO makes less than $100 per employee; $98.05, after rounding. Cut out his salary completely and you can give each employee less than 2 bucks a week. I'm sure they would jump for joy.

And then blow it all on a small tea and a 5 piece nugget. I know that's how I'd spend it.
“Our associates are at the heart of our company and we value teamwork, integrity, and positive energy,”

Read more: The 12 Companies Paying Americans the Least - 24/7 Wall St.
“Our associates are at the heart of our company and we value teamwork, integrity, and positive energy,”

Read more: The 12 Companies Paying Americans the Least - 24/7 Wall St.
“Our associates are at the heart of our company and we value teamwork, integrity, and positive energy,”

Read more: The 12 Companies Paying Americans the Least - 24/7 Wall St.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Moral Choices Have Been Made; and Stolen

Here is a sad story; both the article and the comments. The story is sad because the Federal Court has refused to even hear arguments that individuals who own companies have a right to not pay for items that violate their religious convictions.

The comments are sad because the idiots on the left are convinced that their right to something trumps your moral right to believe that that something is wrong. They also are either so dense, or are playing at being so dense, that they believe Hobby Lobby's right not to PAY for contraception equals Hobby Lobby trying to ban all contraception.

Realistically, when it comes to religious based morality I don't believe the government has the power to legislate. They can no more require me to do something I consider immoral than they do to force you not to do something you consider moral.

Like birth control. As the article make clear, Hobby Lobby has drawn the line at the 'morning after pill'. Birth control pills for a daily regimen they consider fine, as they are a prevention technique (although some religions will not even accept that level of birth control), but consider anything taken after the act as abortion, and something they cannot support.

If I refuse to pay for a specific contraceptive, that does not disallow you from using that same contraceptive. I am not refusing you the use, on your moral grounds of the product, why are you refusing me the right, on my moral grounds, not to pay for it?

Again we are talking about actions that are strictly moral or immoral according to an individual's point of view. Some things can be considered immoral, but not illegal, just as other things can be considered illegal, but not immoral.

Other parts of reproduction, or the interruption of reproduction, are not just immoral, but should be illegal. Its a fine line, and is an individual choice. I know there are some who who have all contraception banned. I think that's wrong.

Contraception can take may forms; from the very basic- abstinence- on the far right to the morning after pill on the far left. Every one of us has drawn the line graph represented by those choices and drawn a line that determines our choice between moral and immoral. Contraception is just that; a bar to conception taking place. If you conscience believes a contraceptive act or failure to act is moral, then its none of my business. There are disagreements between the major religions on the various forms and steps that are allowable, and the law should stay out of the way; forcing a morality on no one.

A distinction Obamacare fails to make.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Friday Night at the Movies XII

Did you ever watch something and when you were done kinda thought....

What the Hell was that?

I was looking for something to watch last night and was doing an extensive scan of Netflix. I was down to perusing the Independent stuff. There I found a show called Confederate States of America. The basic premise is alternative history; what if the South had won the Civil War?

Then what you have is a BBC produced 'documentary' on the current- circa 2004- CSA, which now encompasses all 50 states, and the history of the world to this point. Interspersed in the show are the commercials broadcast on the CSA network.

Some parts are real history, some parts are almost history (like the 1960 Presidential race between Democrat Richard Nixon and Republican John F. Kennedy which includes original debate footage redubbed) and some parts are pure fiction. But without knowing the real events it would be easy to become confused on what is real and what is not.

Presented as satire, the commercials are..... indescribable. There is one for the Home Shopping Channel- for slaves. Another advertises a sort of invisible fence for your servants. Yet another advertises get insurance for your property- All of your property.

Interestingly enough some of the ads are for products that really existed and were commercially sold in the world in the past. The racism in the ads is apparent and, hopefully, transparent.

The show itself is at times funny. The phrase "Sexual Relations with that woman" comes up, and the situation causes a few quick laughs. If you know the history as it happened, then there are also some 'events' that will cause a more than a few quick grins.

Just shy of an hour and a half long, some parts show the film was done independently, but for the most part it is a very watchable 90 minutes. You can't let go of the premise, and I really think that is the purpose of the commercials. Without them, because of the PBS style and quality of the mockumentary you could very easily believe this is a factual presentation.

One inspired and presented by the KKK most likely.

The historic timelines are credible and the use of redubbed historic footage lends a certain authenticity. The Canadian exiled Abraham Lincoln even makes and appearance in some "recently discovered" old film footage.

But the commercials bring home that what you are watching is a fiction; and the film is meant to ridicule a possible Southern Christian based society, not admire it. In later years the country bans all non- Christian religions and homo-sexuality, again driving home the general intolerance of folks who would tolerate slavery.

Bottom line; I'm not sure what to think. Interesting concept, and presented well. Some fiction; some reality, blended together rather nicely.

Grab a few beers, and watch a few minutes.

If nothing else there will be food for thought.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Little Bit of Random

I guess I am still suffering from the after effects of too much Tryptophan; my thoughts have been completely uncoordinated for the last few days.

Like the other day when Hostess and the Baker's union failed to come to an agreement in a bankruptcy ordered mediation. Who is in charge of that union?!?!? The company says 8% pay cut or we close the doors; the company closes the doors and puts you out of a job. Then the court orders the two parties back to the table, as a last ditch effort to save the company, and.... YOU STILL DON"T ACCEPT THE DEAL!?!?!?!?

I'm lost. Did the union not believe the company the first time, and STILL think they are bluffing about closing down? Or do they not want jobs in the first place? I might be interested once the book comes out. And this will be a classic case study in the ignorance of unions.

Speaking of unions, right after one votes themselves and 18,000 of their co-workers out of jobs is not the best time to try and organize a new place, like, say, Wal-mart? According to the news story I read this morning, apparently a whole 50 employees boycotted work at Wal-mart on Black Friday in support of the union. Yeah; that worked out well for them, didn't it?

And speaking of Wal-mart, the wife was there three times during Black Friday; once at 8:00 on Thanksgiving night; again about noon on Black Friday and again about 8:00 on Friday night. The early Black Friday shopping was busy, but the other two trips were normal weekend sized crowds. I guess everybody was already shopped out?

Personally, I have to be desperate for something to actually step into a store between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I hate crowds and I hate shopping. So I stock up on things I'll need early in November and stay away until January. Oh; I build my Christmas presents.

Which will start later today. I have a train or two to build, and a toy box. and a device to be named later. I'll probably spend at least a part of every day for the next month covered in sawdust.

Yes; that's a good thing!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Eat, Drink and Be Merry!

The greatest 6.5 minutes of Thanksgiving television ever filmed.

Courtesy of Instapundit.

Happy Thanksgiving!


The minute I read this cartoon this morning I knew I had to post about it. In some respects Thanksgiving is the perfect government holiday.

In the United States, today has been set aside officially since  the 1860's as a day of celebrating and giving Thanks. I won't bore you with all of the history, but a day of giving thanks has been a part of history for more than a thousand years. Today its is considered a secular holiday, but it has deep religious roots.

Like our comic strip says, a semi-faith based holiday. Each individual is allowed to determine the framework of the day, and to give thanks in the manner they see fit. Most will spend some time in church this morning, but some won't. Most will gather with family and friends this afternoon to feast, but some won't. Most will have turkey, but some won't.

It depends on your family traditions. Some families take today and do some public service; helping out at a homeless shelter or a soup kitchen. Others use today as a way to reunite family, to see folks you haven't seen in a while, to spend time just visiting.

And that is the best part; there really are no rules. Almost like the old Zen Hippy saying; If it feels good; do it.

It's all in how you wish to give thanks, and to whomever you wish to give thanks to. Today isn't set aside to worship a specific deity; you are welcome to thank anyone you wish. All the government has provided is a holiday to do it on.

So whatever your choice today, ENJOY!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I am not a big fan of the way Israel was created in 1946. It has lead to additional violence in an unsettled part of the world that nobody needs.

That being said; it was almost 70 years ago; at some point you need get on with your life. But not, I guess in a part of the world known for long memories.

Does Israel have a right to exist? As much as any other country. They also have a right to defend themselves and to support from their allies.

Which, more or less, brings us to recent events.

I'll not claim any special insight into the region or its actors; I only know what the media and history tell me. So, given those caveats...

The one good thing Jimmy Carter did was the Camp David accords, which ushered in 30 years of peace between Egypt and Israel; a period of peace broken by Obama allowing Egypt to become an ally of Al-Qaeda. And then the dominoes began to fall; Syria; Libya; Mali. For all of the Obama Administration's admonitions that Al-Qaeda was dead, I see an awful lot of life in that corpse.

The leadership of Iran has publicly declared that Israel does not have a right to exist and their intentions to wipe them off of the map. With Iran approaching the ability to become a nuclear power, Israel is in a bad position. Trying to maintain the security of its borders and people, and facing the possibility that Iran would one day be able to drop a nuke on the Dome of Rock.

So, while Israel is trying to figure out how to strike at Iran's nuke program, the Palestinians in Gaza decide it's time to start lobbing rockets into Israel. Where did they get the rockets? Looks like it was Iran.

The attacks are the result of Israel assassinating a Hamas leader, Ahmed al-Jabari. But the tension has been building for months; most likely as a result of the Arab Spring.

Militant Moslems are a minority we are told, but apparently a powerful one. They seem to be able to have themselves voted into power on a regular basis. Without Egypt as a stabilizing force for peace, who knows where the violence will end.

I'm on Israel's side. They, as a country and a people have a right to exist- a right their neighbors seem unwilling to accede.

They also have a well trained, well armed and competent military force that has several times in the past successfully defended their borders. It's hard to fight a tank with a rock or a suicide bomber.

But in the past they have had the United States squarely in their corner, something that may or may not now be the case. Elections have consequences.

Israel and Gaza are about to start a land war. Will Egypt join in? Who else will join them to help wipe the hated Jew off of the map? Who will join on Israel's side? No country will send troops, and I doubt any would be accepted, but they will need arms and ammunition; who will resupply them?

How will it affect world oil supplies? How will it affect our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan? Our relations with Saudi Arabia and Turkey?

These are the questions I don't have answers to. But I'm not expected to; I'm some Kentucky Redneck.

But Obama and his team are expected to have these answers.

I just don't have any faith that they do.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Who Will Survive?

My friend and resident liberal commentator sent me a link to this article, which makes a lot in interesting points.

First how the AFL-CIO is ready willing and quick to blame Bain Capital for Hostess' demise. Although Bain had nothing to do with Hostess in any way shape or form. Is blaming Bain a knee jerk reaction or a left talking point? Hard to tell.

But we do find out that a venture capital outfit DID have a hand in Hostess. A company called Ripplewood, which was founded by Timothy C. Collins, a major Democratic donor, purchased Hostess out of its earlier bankruptcy; intending to turn it into a showcase of how to rebuild a union company.

Yeah; that worked out well; didn't it?

Who is the first person to get involved? Richard Gephardt, former Democratic House leader.

So while the AFL-CIO is spouting "Bain', like a raven perched on a bust of Pallas, it was actually the left side of the aisle that was raping and pillaging the Twinkies. No wonder we haven't seen any long screeds in the press or on CNN about the EVIL capitalists ruining the country, one poor little union company at a time.

Another interesting point is the increases in executive compensation:

Perhaps the most egregious sin of Ripplewood’s oversight of Hostess was the increase in management’s compensation at the same time it was seeking to cut employee compensation. The Confectionery, Tobacco Workers & Grain Millers International Union pointed out that the company’s new chief executive was paid $2,550,000, up from $750,000. Another “executive received a pay increase from $500,000 to $900,000 and another received one taking his salary from $375,000 to $656,256,” the union said. Mr. Collins declined to comment.

Let me say this about that; First; the company is privately held, so salaries and compensation are not of public record anywhere, so it had to be some sort of espionage, if the numbers are correct. Which they may not be.

Second; assume they are correct. That is a total increase in compensation of $2,481,256; or $134 per employee. $2.58 a week- 6 cents an hour.

Amazing how math works, ain't it?

I'm not saying Management is 100% right and the union is 100% wrong. I won't even admit to a 75/25 split.

All I know is if 10% of the country is out of work, and I still have a job, 8% is a hell of a lot less than 100% when it comes to a pay cut.

On a personal note, I worked in a union show a few years back that was going through the same thing Hostess was. My union brothers were of the opinion that if it weren't for them our industry would cease to exist. Push came to shove, and they went out on strike. We were back within a week, but the damage was done. less than 6 months later the place was gone.

Guess what? the industry still exists.

And NONE of us are working in it.

What Can I Say?

If you voted a certain way, you gotta agree with this guy.

If you voted the other way, you probably don't like guns anyway.

Personally I would like to see these signs appearing at more businesses.

Like Papa Johns; "If you voted for Obama you have just proven you are not responsible enough to be trusted with pizza".

Ah; if only it were a perfect world...

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Way Too Much Time On His Hands


Just when you think you've seen it all, you see something that makes you wonder.

Take a look at this machine. First; who figured they needed this: second, who figured out HOW to build it, and Third; who ever built it did one hell of a job.

But they all had way too much time on their hands.

I found the video put perusing a site I usually use to figure out home repairs; There; I Fixed It.

Lots of good fun over there for a Redneck.


I'm not sure how to take this article. Part of it is fact; part is conjecture, part I know to be false and part is He Said WHAT?

And I tend to see a bit of anti-business bias; well, the author does write for the Atlantic and lives in New York. I am assuming City, otherwise they would have said State. I have never heard of the Washington Monthly before, and some of its other promoted articles seem to have a bit of a leftward tilt. At one point our author refers to the 'Reagan regime'; that right there sounds like a commie buzzword to me.

But still, the article is worthy of review; if for nothing else the brief history of corporate brewing shenanigans. He does give a fairly complete history of who bought who and who joined who to bring us to our current sorry state of national brewing.

Oh, and I disagree with almost every one of his conclusions.

Basically, the author, a Mr. Tim Heffernan, seems to believe that the entire world is about to become alcoholics because of a flood of cheap beer, and uses England in the 1980's as an example. Well, I was in England in the 1980's, and my experience was completely different than the facts stated in the article.

Mr. Heffernan talks about cheap beer in the supermarkets. If there was, it was after I left. Nothing was more expensive that a 6 pack of English beer. A pint of almost anything in the pub was a Pound/Pound and a quarter; around 2 bucks, depending on the exchange rate. At the off-sale a 6 pack was about 8 Pounds; 16 bucks. A case of Michelob on base was about $9.00; a case of PBR (cans) was $5.00.

Maybe things changed after I left; I don't know. For some reason I lost interest in the cost of British beer when I quit drinking it.

And then our author drifts into the use of law to control alcohol, and fondly looks back on Prohibition (pardon while I pause for an involuntary shudder) as the only reason, almost 80 years after its repeal, that the entire country isn't full of drunken stumble-bums.

He also seems to believe that every law passed to control the use of alcohol has been co-opted by the brewing industry, so that its final result is nowhere near the intent of the law's design. Never mind that very few laws actually do exactly what they were intended to do, right? Well, except for the law of Unintended Consequences.

According to the author's conclusions, Anheuser-Busch InBev and MillerCoors control about 94% of the beer market, by owning or controlling the distribution of every beer but Sam Adams and local brew-pub down the block. And it is this control that will allow them to turn us all into drunks, by selling us cheap beer. For the record, I have been known to turn down even free Budweiser. Pay me 6 bucks a can and I might be tempted to have one or two, but only if I am allowed a couple of Dunkels in between to cleanse my palette.

But I digress.

Our author also attacks the English system of brewery owned pubs. When I was there a few years ago (early 80's if you must be specific) there were three types of pubs; Brewery owned; Brewery affiliated and Free Houses, that could sell any brand of beer. The pub would include that information on it's sign; 'The White Hart- Green King' or 'The Bird in Hand- Free House' Some of the Brewery owned places I remember visiting were just stores for the beer; brightly lit, antiseptic, uncomfortable places to drink beer. Usually a newer building, they were the corporate interpretation of a pub.

The affiliated pubs were nicer. Usually older- in a country where old is a thousand years- and well-kept, they were great places to have a pint. As long as you enjoyed the products of that brewery. Green King was a big East Anglican brewer, and a lot of the locals were Green King at the time. I recall liking a pint or two of their Light and Bitter, a mix of a light lager and a darker Bitters beer. But ask for a Carlsberg and you're out of luck.

The Free Houses were a mixed lot. Usually they were less well kept; one; because of the lack of brewery support adding to the profit margins, and two; because they usually attracted a younger, more raucous crowd.

Personally, I think there a lot to be said for the practice of a vertical monopoly. Each step in the distribution chain takes a little profit out of the process; if all steps are owned by the same entity, then that little bit of profit is rolled into one bit of profit. For instance; assume Coors brews a beer, and makes a penny on each can they sell to a distributor, who makes a penny on each can they sell to a bar, who makes a penny on each can they sell to a customer; total of 3 cents added to each can. If Coors sold the beer to the customer, they could still make their penny, and the customer saves two cents.

Face it; there are two trains of thought in this country; One; you are an irresponsible lout, and the only thing keeping you from a life of intolerable errors is the government controlling every aspect of your life. The other side of the coin says we will make all sorts of things available to you; your use or abuse of those things is your responsibility. Personally I am a member of Camp B.

Our author is most definitely a Camp A person. I would think that a flood of cheap beer would be a plus for the country; especially since we are facing a second Obama Administ.... 'Regime' (hey; sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, right?), where as he seems to believe we couldn't handle cheap beer without sinking into alcoholism.

Remember how I said I disagreed with almost all of his conclusions? Well, I do agree with his conclusion that having only 2 entities controlling the entire brewing industry could be a bad thing. Which is why I drink local craft beers every chance I get. To much control in too few hands is always an issue. And what if MillerCoors fails somehow; maybe though a Union strike?

I might have to quit drinking beer.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Local Girl Makes the Big Time

Every so often Cincinnati seems to make the big time. Who figures on running across a local news anchor in the UK Daily Mail?

I certainly didn't.

I will admit I first heard about this on the radio this morning on Gary Jeff Walker's show, and when I did a quick search this was the article that popped up first.

First; gotta love the pictures. Who side do you think the Daily Mail is on?

Second; gotta love the opinion.

I'll freely admit that I think the most I have ever seen of Rachel Maddow was a clip I watched in 2010 of her interviewing a Congressional Candidate from Washington State. She basically fell apart when the guy refused to play her game. I wish I could find that clip; it is a classic.

But if that clip is representative of her show, angry young man fits. It is the persona she projects, at least to me.

I guess Tricia got in trouble for character definition.

You know those beer commercials that feature The Most Interesting Man in the World? Well, my life is a lot more interesting than his ever was. But I will crib on his tag line.

I don't often watch TV News; but when I do, it's Fox 19.

I guess the beer post is rescheduled for tomorrow.

Friday, November 16, 2012


It has been a day. I just now was able to sit down for a few minutes. Nothing earth shattering; just general busy.

But I hate a busy Friday. Especially a busy Friday night. Friday night is the night I like to vegetate. And I usually like to start vegetating at 6:00, not 7:30.

I am working on big post for tomorrow- involving beer!- but tonight will be a short one.

I started a special project at work yesterday, that I had to restart 3 or 4 times in order to get the entire thing right. Not a big deal, but it will take some time. One of those time consuming, tedious things. But very important, and requiring a person of experience, requiring a decision on each part of the process that will affect the clients and our work in the future.

I hate projects like that. A PITA to do, but can't be delegated.

That was one of the reasons I was looking forward to quitting time.

Another reason was that my local favorite liquor store has recently expanded, and as part of the expansion has added 24 beer taps to sell craft beers draft. I picked up a couple of growlers (half gallon jugs, like pictured above) of a pre-prohibition style lager that is going down quite well.

I can already feel the tight muscles in my neck and back starting to uncoil and my mind starting to clear of a million mundane details.


Friday Night. Two whole mornings before the grind begins again.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Decline and Fall

Occasionally I get an email that I think deserves wider distribution; along with my comments.

I got one today titled "The Decline and Fall of The American Empire". I wasn't ready to copy and paste the entire email into my blog- it is rather lengthy- and sine it looked like a blog post I figured I could find it online. 

I actually found several. There is this one, at the Nation. and this one; at Nolan Chart blog. Or this one, from the Guardian, for a foreign perspective.

Then I found it; at the Jewish

Apparently a lot of folks are predicting the end of America's World Dominance.

I'm not sure I'm predicting it, but I am worried about it. Especially when Obama now has four more years to make it happen.

There will be an end to the American Empire. Face it; we maybe a benign despot, but America does rule an empire that spans the globe. Not like the Europeans did in past centuries, with puppet leaders and colonies, but with the export of our culture and our life-style. There probably isn't a corner of the hasn't been infested with the latest dreck from Hollywood or had it's ears assaulted with American rap music.

And the American Dollar is even accepted as a medium of exchange in the countries that hate us.

How can we be in decline?

Because empires are always facing threats from the outside. We are no different. Outside threats usually leave us stronger, as we band together to face a common threat. But currently we aren't banding together; we are splitting apart.

It's the internal threat that is ending the American Empire. We are powerless to stop it, as the power to stop the decline is actually working to hasten it.

Yes; I'm talking about Obama.

When our currency becomes more valueless daily, from the administrations policy of printing however much they fell we need to spend this month, we had no way of stopping the slide.

When our military becomes more and more demoralized- as it was under Carter 35 years ago, (John Kerry as Secretary of Defense? Please tell me that is just a trial balloon to make Obama's actual choice seem better by comparison) we lose the fear factor that has kept our enemies- and our allies enemies- at bay for the last 70 years.

When our allies have more to gain from not being friends than they do from being our friends, another step down the road to degradation is taken; another part of the empire edifice crumbles away. Israel; Taiwan; Japan and numerous other countries that have become parts of our Empire will gradually fade away, realizing that some autonomy under a new regime joined willingly is better than no autonomy under the same regime joined unwillingly.

And presiding above it all a mawkishly grinning Obama.

You have heard it before; Elections have consequences. The consequences of the last election maybe fatal.

Only time will tell.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I Couldn't Resist

As of a few minutes ago.

Look at the chart since November 6, 2012.

We are so screwed.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Tonight I decided to take the Young'un shopping. She had money in her pocket from some work she did a few days ago and had decided that her backpack was no longer serviceable.

Some of her friends (she is about a month short of 8) were carrying a new style of book bag called a Messenger style; meaning that instead of having two straps and holding the weight on your back, this one had one strap and hung off your side.

Rumor had it- one of her friends at school had told her- that the local Kohl's had them for $4.99. And she had $10.00. So we went to Kohls.

Now I am not much of a shopper. I have a store I go to when I need clothes, because no place local has my size in dress pants or shirts. And I go to Wal-mart. Kohls is unfamiliar territory.

So first order of business was to find out where the backpacks were. The Young'un is a take charge person, and has no problem asking questions. The first person we saw who worked there did not know where the backpacks were. The second person did. Allegedly. He sent us to the far northwest corner of the store. after a few minutes fruitless search we asked again for the backpacks.

Guess what? Their in the southeast corner of the store, right next to the door we entered. so we trekked all the way BACK across the store, to between menswear and shoes, in the luggage department.

And this is where the world ended.

They didn't have any Messenger style book bags. And then the tears started. Her friends lied to her. Her friends HATED her. She hated her friends because they lied to her. But she kept looking. And found a $25 Nike bag.

When I refused to buy it,  Then I was the one that hated her and had lied to her. Her backpack was old (we bought it at the start of the school year, when it was 'the bomb') she needed a new backpack, and this one was pink.

My reminders that we had come into the store for a $5.00 book bag did not mean we would buy a $25.00 one as a consolation prize were not even listened too. The whole world and God Almighty were all against her. The world would end and she would not have a good book bag.


I have raised 5 sons. In over 25 years of raising 5 boys from infancy to adulthood I did not have as much DRAMA as I have had with this Young'un in the last year.

I took her to get a pair of shoes a few weeks ago. With her Dad and her Uncles it was a 5 minute trip. Here's the price range and here's your size; pick out a pair of shoes. They picked out a pair of shoes and out the door we went. With the Young'un it took 25 minutes just to narrow down the selections to a couple of hundred pair, most of which were too big; too small or too pricey. We literally spent 45 minutes in the shoe aisle at Wal-Mart AND DID FIND A PAIR TO BUY!!!!!

I decided right then and there, and I do mean RIGHT then and RIGHT there never to shop with her again.

I didn't think tonight would be a shopping trip. But it was.

So right here and now I am making a vow.

I am not going to step into a store with the Young'un again. I want to enjoy the few remaining hairs I have left.

If 26 Secede, Who Wins?

I heard about htes petitions the other day, and found several on line.

But these are the 'OFFICIAL' ones, on the White website.

There is one for Kentucky, and by my count about 20 other states.

I haven't signed up yet, basically because it requires you to registered with the White House site first.

It is also interetsing that several petitions have cropped up requiring anybody who has signed one of thes epetitions to lose their citizenship. Interestingly enough, each state's petition has at least 3,000 signatures; the same as the petition to remove citizenship does nationally.

I can't remember if it was an Irish Blessing or an Irish curse that said "May you live in Interesting times."

Monday, November 12, 2012

And So It Begans

Trouble with the economy is just beginning my friends.

Hostess is just the latest symptom of the sickness, along with the Stock Market and restaurants, like Papa Johns.

Welcome to the Greater Depression.

If Romney had been elected last Tuesday the press would already be calling the most recent Stock Market crash "Romney's Recession".

I haven't been following the Hostess deal until today, but here are the basic facts: Interstate Brands- the Hostess predecessor- went thorough bankruptcy a few years ago, and came out as Hostess. Now Hostess is in Bankruptcy, and as part of the reorganization has renegotiated their union contracts, which included an 8% pay cut and greater contributions towards their health insurance. Welcome to the New Normal. These changes tended to upset the unions, who promptly went on strike, in selected locations.

Hostess had now closed those locations.

The unions will scream and shout. And then go on on unemployment for 99 weeks. Welcome to the New Normal.

If another company buys the plant and reopens it, it most likely will not be a union plant, and the wages will be lower again by 50%. So, if those workers do happen to find employment there, they won't be down by their 8%, but by 50%, or more.

But that is what has to happen. Companies can't compete by paying a union wage.

Apparently they can't compete anymore by having employees work over 28 hours a week either. Welcome to the New Normal.

People will have less and less money, and its not just from crashing wages. If the reports are to be believed, $2,000 to $4,000 a year more will go to the Federal Government because of the repeal of the Bush tax cuts in January; $40 to $80 a week, or thereabouts. About a tank of gas, depending on what you drive; unless it starts going up, like I expect it to.

And the cost of fuel will drive everything else up; everything that requires energy to manufacture, package or ship.

Food and fuel going up; paychecks going down. Guess who gets squeezed in the middle?

Anybody still trying to get by earning a wage.

Welcome to the New Normal.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Honor and Respect

Veterans are a special breed.

We have done things no civilian probably has. Some of us had it easy. I like to brag, especially around guys who were in the Army or Marines at the same time I was in the Air Force, that in four years of service to my country I never spent a night without a soft mattress under my butt and a cold beer in the fridge a few steps away.

I especially like to let that 'slip out' after the conversations about 6 weeks in the field during training with only a Saturday Night Shower; or tales of being at sea for 6 months.

But even those guys had it easy, compared to the combat vets. The men who fought from Normandy to Berlin. The men who had ships blown out from under them in the Pacific. The men who then spent two years in Korea. Or Vietnam; the Gulf War; Iraq or Afghanistan or countless other situations where our military men and women have willfully gone into harm's way.

There are other, earlier wars, going all the way back to the Revolution, but veterans of those conflicts are no longer with us, according to Wikipedia.

There are those who hope our country creates no more combat veterans, I among them. War is, as General Sherman described it, Hell. The fewer young men and women we put into that Hell the better.

But I know that is, at least for now an unattainable goal. The world is not full of peace and light and unicorns.

It's full of Iran and Al-Qeada.

We cannot fight Al-Qeada with good will and happy thoughts. We have tried that in the past.

It caused September 11, 2001.

We are seeing the effects again of our slackening resolve against Al-Qeada, with the increasing attacks in Afghanistan. This isn't the 1960's. We can't be the proverbial hippy, poking daisies in the gun barrels we face. The finger on that trigger isn't a well disciplined National Guardsman; its an uneducated young Moslem, hyped up on thoughts of revenge for imagined slights.

So we will, by necessity, create another generation of veterans. We'll send them off to do our dirty work, pray for them while they're gone and honor them when they return; either with a parade, or a flag-draped casket. It is only through our resolve to create and use that force, and, more importantly, the willingness of our young men and women to volunteer to do that dirty work, that this country is and will remain free.

To honor them, every year we set aside a day to recall and honor those men and women, their service, and their sacrifice.

Today is that day.

Take a minute today to thank a veteran you know; I think they have earned it.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Friday NIght at the Movies XI

I watched Peggy Sue Got Married Friday night. Lots of interesting things going on right there, and lots of sweet cars. It is 1960 after all.

I had never seen it before, but it was about the only thing on Netflix, so what the Hell? If it's junk I can turn it off.

Like I said; lots of interesting things going on in this movie. But the one that caught my attention was this; can you imagine trying to find your desk in home room 25 years later?

Or take an algebra test?

Certain things just make you stop and think.

Now: solve for y in the following equation:

Ah... who am I kidding? I could even write an algebraic equation, much less solve one!

ReStore Score

The Cincinnati Chapter of Habitat for Humanity has a series of stores that sell home goods and building supplies they call the ReStore. Some are new, others used or antique. They also have appliances, both new and used. Until today all of the stores were on the Ohio side of the river, and since the only thing I buy up there is Yuegling Beer, I never had the opportunity to visit.

Today they opened a store on the good side of the river out on US 42, on left just past Mall Road. If you're local, those are enough directions. If your not local, what the Hell do you care where it's located? Since I was out in the Florence area anyway dropping in to see the grandsons I decided to stop by.

I probably shouldn't have. I could have spent $500 in there today. As it was, I spent just over $100. But what a deal! I also agree with the premise; donate the used stuff that still has life in to save space n the landfills and to allow cheapskates like me access to inexpensive, quality goods. Plus, whoever does the donating gets to cheat Obama out of a few bucks. Win-Win- WIN!!!!!

I have been needing a new garage door. The old one is still serviceable. Meaning it does go up and down, and does at least block the hole when its down. Somewhat. More or less. Its an old wood door, probably from the late 1960's, so it has done its duty and ready to retire.

But I was having issues buying a new one. $250 for a cheap one; $5-600 for a decent one. Chunk of change, to replace one that still worked. Somewhat. More or less.

Then today walking around the ReStore between the $15 ceiling fans and the $5 fluorescent light fixtures are new garage doors. Brand and style aren't important, but the doors that I have been seeing at Lowes and Home Depot in the $600 range are here for $145.00. Now that's a deal!

But wait! There's MORE!!!

Because this is the inaugural weekend, they are giving you, GIVING you I say, another 20% off of that price! Okay; I thought I had a deal before, but now's it's REALLY a DEAL!!!!

But wait; there's MORE!

IF you donate a can good too the Freestore Foodbank, they will take off another 10%!!!!

So I grabbed a garage door and two cans of green beans from the trunk, called my son- who lives close and has a minivan, and purchased myself a $600 garage door for.....

$107.00, tax title and warranty; out the door. I also couldn't resist, and bought 2 fluorescent light fixtures, complete with 4 bulbs, for $7.42. 8 bulbs would cost twice that at Home Depot.

Plus they were giving away free hot dogs, metts and brauts, so I was able to chow down on a hot dog and a couple of brauts while I was at it. No sauerkraut or horseradish, but still, for that price, who am I to complain?

So to recap: I got a $600 garage door and $80 worth of light fixtures for less than $120 bucks, plus a free lunch, and I helped out a charity that actually does good work that I support all in one afternoon.

I am hoping you stopped reading a few paragraphs ago and have already grabbed you keys.

If you haven't, then you must have more money than Romney.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Yeah; It Was THAT Close

I found this post on Instapundit this morning, and while he talks about how close the election was, I am going in another direction with it. The author, Mike Harwood, is talking about how few voters, most influenced by Obama's reaction to Hurricane Sandy's destruction in New York and New Jersey. The email reads in part:

In Florida, with nearly 8.3 million ballots cast, the margin of victory was a mere 52,000 votes. Because this U.S. presidential election was a two person race, a takeaway by one candidate from another represents a two vote swing. Accordingly, if somewhere in the order of 26,000 Floridians, out of 8.3 million, decided that they were changing their vote from Romney to Obama ... those voters alone decided Florida’s 29 electoral votes.

The same argument can be made in Ohio. 5.3 million votes cast, margin of victory: 103,000. If the storm flipped about 52,000 votes or more from Romney to Obama, then no storm meant Ohio would have been a Romney win on election day.

In Virginia, 3.7 million votes cast, margin of victory: 107,000. If the storm influenced 54,000 voters or more to abandon Romney for Obama, the storm was decisive in converting a Romney win in Virginia to an Obama win.

In Colorado, nearly 2.4 million votes cast, margin of victory: 113,000. If 57,000 voters or more moved from the Romney camp to the Obama camp based on the storm, then Obama doesn’t win the state if the storm never happens.

A Romney win in these four states would have given him the election.

Less than 200,000 voters in four states, out of nearly 20,000,000 total visits to the polls in just those four states decided this election in Obama's favor.

Never let anybody tell you your vote doesn't count.

And never let them tell you voting fraud doesn't exist or doesn't matter. All it would have taken was 50,000 democrats to vote 4 times each over the course of a month, and Obama wins.

Every vote counts. In 2014 let's REALLY make them count.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Wanna See Something Cool?

This is, as is sometimes said, Wicked Cool.

Especially if you like sciencey stuff.

And really fast airplanes.

I was over at one of my guilty pleasure sites, trying to climb up out of a massive idiot inspired depression, and found this video.

Yeah; it helps.

The Borderline Sociopathic Blog for Boys; check it out!

Its Time For A Change

I haven't yet analyzed exactly why Romney lost. Maybe I really don't care why. I really wasn't that enamored of Romney anyway. I voted for him because he wasn't Obama. I would have (ALMOST) voted for the devil himself instead of Obama, but I am convinced that Obama is the devil himself.

Something has to explain those ears.

But, I digress.

As of today we have just short of four years and a Congressional election to do SOMETHING.

Tomorrow I am changing my voter registration form "Independent" to "Libertarian".

I have never been much of a joiner. I'm not a big fan of people or being around them. But sometimes you need to do things you hate in order to support things you love.

And I love this country. Or, at least what this country used to be. And will be again.

I'm thinking Libertarian is the way to go for a lot of reasons, but mostly because they believe in leaving folks alone.

Are they perfect? Hell no. Most of their foreign policy stands are naive, especially in the modern world. In George Washington's day we could ignore what happened in West Africa; it would take months to get the news and years for it to affect us, if ever. But when you can have lunch in Kenya and dinner in Washington, we need to take a little more notice of what happens overseas. The Libertarians need to recognize that our national interests do extend beyond our borders.

It's on domestic issues I am 100% behind the Libertarians.

Take Colorado; they just voted to legalize recreational marihuana. I don't know the details, like distribution or sales, but why has the government determined that one intoxicant- alcohol- is legal, and another- marihuana- is not? Or why do I need a prescription for one medication and not for another? Some Medications once required a prescription now do not, and some medications that do not require prescription are locked up behind the counter and restricted for sale. Why?

If I think I need a medication for a head cold, why do I need permission to buy that relief? Am I not a competent adult? Who makes these decisions, that one medication is over the counter, and another is not? Whoever it is has decided I am not competent enough to handle my own health without supervision.

Should all drugs be over the counter? Hell no. Antibiotics should still be prescription. Here's why: A lot of diseases can be made resistant to antibiotics by over medicating, which would affect everybody, and not just the one who is over medicating.

But that is what Libertarianism is all about. You can screw yourself up all you want. But not me.

Look at all of the government would could get rid of if we just stopped  controlling every little thing.

Would we still have an EPA? Maybe; but it's role would not be as controlling and punitive as it is now. But we would still need to make sure that what you did on your land didn't affect me. Think of them more as cops; the oil you dumped in your backyard ruined my roses. The EPA is the special police to handle the issue.

We have four years to sort it out and to get a viable candidate; some one right and left can get behind.

It's time to drain the swamp in Washington, and it is obvious neither party is up to the task. Lets see if somebody else is.

What do we have to lose?

Seriously; what do we have to lose?

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Well, It's the Day After

The day for post-postmortems, recriminations and Monday Morning Quarterbacking.

What the Hell happened yesterday?

Yesterday was worse than 2008. In '08 I expected McCain to lose. I wasn't looking forward to it, but I was expecting it. And Obama could have been a decent President.

But yesterday? We know what kind of President Obama is, and will be.

And re-elected him.

Over 60 million people in this country think Obama is leading us in the right direction. Seriously?

That tells me one thing; It's not just the re-election of Obama that will send us down the road to ruin, it is the voters in this country who think we need to head that way.

And that is just sad.

Whether it is the over-educated Marxists or the 'Obama Phone' class we apparently have a majority who think stealing from the producers to give to non-productive is okay. And if the rich aren't rich enough, borrow the rest.

Or just print more money. That won't hurt anybody, will it?

Did you know we are currently EXPORTING gasoline? So why is gas so high? It's not short supply; it's too many dollars in the market place. Oil trades in dollars. When there are lots of dollars in circulation their value decreases with respect to other currencies. When fewer pounds or yen or yuan are required to buy a dollar the price of a gallon of gas goes up. and when producers can get a higher price on the world market than they can at home, they export gasoline.

It's not a short supply of gasoline that is keeping the price over 3 dollars a gallon; its the Federal Reserve printing money like its toilet paper that is doing it. I don't see Obama shutting down the presses in his second term, do you?

If you want to have some idea where this will end, do a search on 'Wiemar Republic'. Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it.

I'm not the only one who knows where this will lead. Did you notice that the Stock Market crashed today? Down over 300 points. Banks were especially hard hit. I wonder why? Could it be that the fear of new regulation will adversely affect profitability?

And watch the unemployment numbers the next few months. Right now new jobs are being added, and people are starting to look for work again. Look for that to change. the rate of unemployment may not change, but fewer and fewer people will be working starting in January, after the Christmas rush.

Or sooner, if consumers decide to keep their wallets in their pockets again this season.

The class that accepts money from the government may think Obama's policies are a good idea, but the people who fund that government do not. And they will vote a second time in the coming months. This time with their wallets.

Less investment in the market place means fewer jobs; fewer jobs means less money trading hands; less money trading hands means less revenue to the government; less revenue means another round of printing money.

And the Stock Market drops again.

But what the Hell will the folks who voted for Obama care? They'll be eating Government cheese and talking on their Obama phone.

As long as somebody else's money holds out.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Blogger has Crashed; New Post Required

Sherrod Brown is still a Senator; Elizabeth Warren is now a Senator.

The Country is F***ED.

Sorry for the vulgarity; but that is the way I feel right now.

Romney will not win; Obama will.

Say good bye to the greatest country that ever appeared on the face of the earth.

Grab your guns folks, and prepare to go under ground.

10:17 Eastern time; November 17, 2012.

The cheaters won.

Its over.

Hand me the bourbon.

And a government check. My resignation from the work force is effective as of tomorrow.

If, by the grace of God, Romney does win, please disregard the previous post.

Those of you who voted for Obama Enjoy the country you just voted for. I hope its REALLY what you wanted for yourself and your children.

Maybe I will need to retract this post in the morning.

But I doubt it.

The second Civil War starts tomorrow. Bring your attitude.

And your tea bag.

Election Day 2012

I may wind up doing several posts today, depending on how things progress, or I may wind up just editing this one.

I have lived in my house since 1995, and have voted in the same precinct since then; in presidential years since 1996. I showed up there this morning at 6:03, trying to beat the crowds.

I was too late. 1996 was busy, but not like today. 2000 wasn't too bad. 2004 was similar. 2008 was a walk-in.

6:03 AM this morning I waited in line for 20 minutes to vote. Based on the number and variety of yard signs I have seen locally, I am pretty sure I know who they were there to vote against.

The map above shows the current electoral map, based on the latest polls. Currently its 201 Obama, 191 Romney. But there are problems with this map and the polls.

The map below is probably more accurate, based on some polls. I created this map, following what I think are more accurate polls.

This map shows Obama 201, Romney 280, 10 more Electoral votes than Romney needs to win. It also doesn't include Iowa or Wisconsin, which are rumored to be leaning Romney as well.

Today is the only poll that counts, and the only one in which YOU select to participate or not. 11 hours from now we'll find out whether I'm right or not.

UPDATE: Its 6:45, and the polls have closed in Kentucky and Ohio. Ohio matters, because our news stations come out of Ohio. In a few minutes I will be comfortably ensconced in my recliner, ready to view a few hours of election returns and sip a little bourbon.

I happened to pass by my polling place twice today; each time the lot was full. I expect they had a busy day. When I was there this morning I made some comment on how busy they seemed to be. One of the poll workers said it wasn't too bad; they had 700 ballots. After that they were locking the doors. I'll bet today they used all 700 ballots.

8:00 is returns time. I have a big, dark Churchill in my humidor that I am itching to light up, but it's too damn cold to sit outside.And I will not light up in the house; its too dangerous. My recliner does not back up to a wall, and I don't want to get hit over the head with something.

As you can tell, I am preparing for a celebration. I am also praying. Not for Romney to win, but for God to smite down the fraudsters. Romney can win on his own, but only God can smite the fraudsters.

I saw a Facebook post a few days ago from a liberal friend, one I expect has unfriended me, since I posted my Monday blog post to my Facebook page as well, which asked "Why Conservatives think they know who side God is on?" My unposted answer was "maybe because we talk to him?"

It is either going to be a short night or a long one. Either way, I hope I have enough bourbon. Another update in a couple of hours.


Gee; I hope this ratio holds.

Or this ratio:

Monday, November 5, 2012

Are You Voting Tommorow?

Friends, tomorrow is important.

Although there are several Presidential Candidates on the ballot, only two really matter; Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. If you have read my blog you know how I feel about each of them. You also know how I feel about this country, and the personal liberty the Constitution provides us.

If you are a supporter of Obama, you probably have very good reasons. I hope those reasons have been arrived at by a careful review of the facts, a consultation with your conscience and some thought on where your choice will lead us in the next four years.

In Obama's case, you have the last four years as a guide. For Romney, all we have is his word. He does have a record as Governor of Massachusetts, and as a leader of the Olympics and at Bain Capital. Are those jobs any indication of his ability to lead this country?

Who knows? We'll have to elect him to find out.

But we know how Obama has lead this country; deeper into debt. And save your breath on Bush and his 'off the books wars'; at lest he was ABLE TO PASS A BUDGET. Something Obama has not done, although it is Constitutionally required, for 3 and a half years.

We know how Obama has lead this nation in Foreign Policy; Egypt, once our second strongest ally in the Middle East and the only predominately Moslem nation to have a treaty with Israel, our strongest ally in the Middle East, is now, for all practical purposes, in the hands of Al-Qaeda. The hard won peace in Iraq is disintegrating, because Obama failed to negotiate a Status of Forces Agreement with the country of Iraq and our stabilizing forces are being forces out, again by an arm of Al-Qaeda.

And Libya. Where Obama fought an undeclared war for a year to "LIBERATE" the country, and turn it into another Al-Qaeda partner. Where a faction of Al-Qaeda stormed an American Consulate and killed 4 Americans, including our Libyan Ambassador.

If that isn't bad enough, for two weeks every member of the Obama administration to address the attack blamed it on a 'spontaneous demonstration' because of a YouTube video critical of Mohammed. Really? and this 'spontaneous demonstration' just happened to occur on September 11th? Ah; but Obama had wiggle room. He happened to mention the word terrorism in his speech on September 12th.

But it couldn't have been Al-Qaeda; they disappeared when Osama Bin-Laden was killed, right?

It was only after the pressure from the New Media became overwhelming that their story was corrected, and it was acknowledged that the demonstration was actually a terrorist attack.

Then of course there was the comment Obama made to the Russians that he would have "More freedom after the election". What was that supposed to mean?

Do I even need to mention the list of long time allies, like England and Israel, that Obama has treated poorly? Queen Elizabeth has worked with every US President since Truman. Obama gave her an iPod. Or the disrespectful way Obama treated the Prime Minister of Israel?

Obama also has not treated the military well. His statement that we need fewer bayonets at the last debate displays his ignorance of the military and its weaponry. Each Marine is still issued a bayonet. But I guess someone who fails to recognize the pronunciation of the word corpsman when it appears on his teleprompter can't be bother to understand how the men under his command are armed.

Our power and influence has been diminished in every corner of the globe.

And then we have Gay Rights, Abortion and Illegal Immigration. Obama manages to fall on the wrong side of each of these issues. This election though I am considering these issues minor. Yes, it is good news that Romney has a (currently) pro-life stance, but right now it is our budget that is most important.

We need to get our spending under control. Yes, it means cutting Welfare, Medicaid and Food Stamps. Yes it means changes to FUTURE beneficiaries of Social Security and Medicare. Yes it means cuts to military spending. And it may mean tax increases.

But I doubt it. Once we get at least some of the 47% who are not producers back into producing and paying taxes we should have an increase in revenue that will offset the need for an increase in the rates.

Or we can once again lease timber, oil and gas and mining rights on Federal land. The income from these sources will also help offset both the debt and the deficit.

And easing EPA requires on coal will lead to cheaper energy, again boosting the economy and manufacturing, creating jobs and taxpayers, not tax burdens.

You will note I haven't linked to any articles, blog posts or reports to back up any of my assertions. I did that on purpose. If you are concerned about any of these topics then you have done the research yourself; hopefully with more than a quick search of MSNBC or CNN (because 'Faux News' lies so much). If you aren't interested, then you wouldn't follow the links anyway, and adding them would be a waste of my time. Or you already know the facts as I have presented them, and the links would be superfluous.

Tomorrow we have a clear choice. We can continue down the road we are on (as one quick wit said: Re-electing Obama is like backing up the Titanic to hit the iceberg a second time), knowing how Obama leads and where he is leading us, or we can (hopefully) change direction by electing Romney.

I can't guarantee where Romney will lead us. We may be running him out of office faster that we ran Obama. But I do know he offers a chance at a change, and that is a chance I am willing to take.

The Obama supporters in the crowd may not still be reading, but if you are, thanks for taking the time to consider a position other than your own. Please consider your choice for President carefully. I don't say lightly that the future of the country is at stake in this election. If, after very careful consideration, you are still voting Democrat, then by all means do us all a favor and sleep through tomorrow. Yes; I'm kidding. But only vote once.

Yes, I'm kidding again.

Romney supporters: VOTE!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Road Trip Into The Past

James Lileks was discussing this movie short the other day on his blog, The Bleat, and one of the commentators had a link to the original film.

Interesting little blurb. I love the 1930's vision of the future.

This short is from 1937; 75 years ago. The depths of the Great Depression. And yet; there was still a vision of the future that included progress.

Something we sometimes lack today.

I loved the old shots of laying concrete roads. Things have changed a little in the last few years. But they still use the angled iron forms, and the equipment still rides on the forms. How much things change, and how much they remain the same.

The part where they talk about the bridges in New York City is especially humorous, given the situation up there today, with the flooded subway tunnels and the jammed traffic. But then, years in the future to them was 35 years down the road- 1972.

40 years ago for us.

This being a Chevrolet production, they of course talk about how much safer the cars are 'today', back when hydraulic brakes were on 50% of the cars made, the automatic transmission was two years in the future and seat belts were still only in race cars. Average top speed in 1937? About 60, if you could find a road to press a car hard on. There were cars that would go faster, but they were the super cars; Cadillac, Packard, Duesenberg.

Most folks plodded along at 35 MPH, and dreamed of 55.

And  newfangled super-highway.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Last Man Standing

Last night I watched two new shows I have been looking forward too for a month or so; Last Man Standing and Malibu Country.

Malibu Country was okay, and I hope for better shows in the future, but Last Man Standing was an absolute hoot, especially the last weekend before the election. It was pretty much an Obama slam down, but the Romney opponents will get a few chuckles too.

This is the second season for Tim Allen's show. I liked it last year, and last nights episode had me laughing so much I hardly had time to drink a beer. Basically, Mike Baxter (Tim Allen) is the marketing director at a sporting goods store. He lives with his wife, three daughters and his grandson, his eldest daughter's child. Last season the 'baby daddy' was nowhere to be found, but this season he has reappeared.

Mike gets into some pretty funny rants, but last night a quarter of the show seemed to be a fairly funny rant about Obama, broken up by some jokes about fantasy football leagues. At one point Mike is talking to a break room full on employees at the store, all of whom are on laptops, doing their fantasy football teams, and Mike tells them to get back to work. "I have a Fantasy Team of Employees; none of you guys are on it" he says.

Mike is unhappy with the way his grandson is being raised, and last night at the end of the show he asks Boyd, the grandson, "Hey; wanna go out in the backyard and blow something up?"

My kinda Grandpa.

I also think we are seeing the beginning of a shift to more conservative characters on TV who not there just to be a butt of a joke. More and more Hollywood types are coming out of the Conservative closet. That says to me that there are now enough of them that their political persuasion is no longer a career ender, as it was a few years ago.

As with all things we'll have to see where it leads, but so far its a trend I like.

And you gotta see this review of  both shows, but only for the YouTube clip of Archie bunker talking about the Democrats in 1978.

Pretty applicable to Democrats in 2012 if you ask me. How much has changed, and how little has.

Friday, November 2, 2012

65 Years Ago Today

Howard Hughes flew The Spruce Goose, as my Bing homepage reminds me.

And then paid to keep it flight ready for the 30 years, even though it never again left the hanger. The longest trip it ever took was when it was moved to Oregon when Disney bought its hanger and sent the non-profit that owns it an eviction notice.

And yet, it is probably one of the most famous planes from the post war period. People who couldn't name another aircraft since the Wright Brothers know of the Spruce Goose. Well, that's to be expected; there is a lot of plane to capture the imagination.

When the average plane held 2 dozen the Goose was designed to haul 750. It was designed to capture the imagination; and it did. It still holds records for tallest, longest wingspan and only misses being longest by a few feet.

That's probably why it still draws attention, even in the age planes that size being common the Goose is one of the largest planes in the world. And it is built out of plywood.

Plywood was an unusual material for an aircraft even at the time. But the government wanted to save the aluminum for fighters and bombers; so plywood was used.

There has been argument since the beginning about the viability of the design, a design Hughes backed fully. Which is why it had to make that one flight; just to prove Hughes right.

New Jobs Report

The jobs report is out, and it kinda looks like good news for Obama.


Here is the thing; people are hiring, finally, not because of Obama and his policies, but becasue employers are becoming more confident that Romney will win next Tuesday.

If he doesn't; so what? Dump them new employees. All they have invested is a couple of weeks pay.

If Romney wins, then are a couple of weeks ahead of the curve.

Or the numbers have been manipulated.

Take you pick.

The CMA Awards

Last night the Country Music Association gacve out their yearly awards. I didn't watch the show, but I did pull up a list of winners (scroll to the bottom) this morning.

And my first thought was:

Who in Hell are these PEOPLE?!?!?!

Toby Keith I like, and I have heard of Blake Shelton. And Willie Nelson of course.

And Believe it or not, Mac McAnally, mostly because of his work with Jimmy Buffet.

Where are Brad Paisley and Alan Jackson? George Strait? Reba McIntire?

Now I know why I don't listen to Country Radio anymore.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Post Halloween Sugar Crash Blues

There are really only two days a year when it is permissible to over-indulge in sweet treats: Halloween and Easter. Easter has the added benefit of being the one day of the year when you have tacit permission to eat chocolate for breakfast.

But like any high, an inevitable crash follows. That was today. Unless you are still able to over-indulge in candy. Then the crash is tomorrow. But there will be a crash.

Kind of like November 7th. This election cycle has been a massive high in some respects. No matter which side you are on you have been riding a HOPE high; either a hope for four more years, or hope for no more years for the incumbent. Either way, we a have invested a lot of emotional energy into next Tuesday's outcome. And Wednesday's crash will be difficult, win or lose.

The losers will have obvious reasons for the blues: How will they survive the trip down the wrong road the country has decided to take?

The winners will have another few days of being 'UP'; but then reality sets in. Then comes 4 years of being required to govern, and not just carp from the sidelines.

Unless your a Democrat; then you just spend the next four years padding the pockets of every special interest group you have ever been associated with, instead of governing. Or developing a budget. Or leading.

Unless its from behind.

Sorry; How could a simple post about Halloween candy suddenly take a turn like that?

Well, that's what the crash does to you. Makes you mean. Unsettles your disposition. Makes you unwilling to listen to reason.

Like Obama for the last four years. He came down from his high and realized the job of President is hard work. So he left somebody else in charge and grabbed a basketball. Or some golf clubs. Or he went off on another campaign trip.

Sorry; its that dang sugar crash again.

But I'm looking forward to November 7th; I'll be high as a kite. Either Romney wins, and Obama goes home to Kenya (sorry; I just had to include a birther joke. I ran out of Milky Ways about an hour ago. Bite size my ass; I need 3 or 4 of 'em to make a bite), and I am looking forward to the next 4 years, or Obama wins, and I quit my job and let the rest of you working stiffs pay my bills. And I'll run down to Kroger's and get me a 'boma phone.

Win-Win either way.