Wednesday, November 28, 2012


There is a line in the John Wayne classic, Big Jake that is appropriate today.

Wayne's character is about to pay a one million dollar ransom- in 1909 dollars- and as he tosses the key to the strong box to the lead bandit Big Jake says "That's the stuff that dreams are made of."

There is a lot of dreaming going on today. How long would it take you to decide how to spend $550,000,000? What would you spend it on? How long would you keep your job after you won?

Five Hundred And Fifty Million Dollars; Half a Billion Dollars. No matter how you say it, it sounds like an unfathomable amount of money.

How would it make feel to know that that amount of money would not even put you in the top 400 richest people in the United States? You would have to double your jackpot, and then some, to even get a sniff at number 400. You would have to multiply it by 132 times to become second on the list to Bill Gates.

Adding up the fortunes of the ten richest folks in the country brings in about $346 billion; a staggering sum of money; 750 times the Powerball jackpot.

Then take that $346 billion and multiply it another 48 times; that's our national debt.

Kinda puts it into perspective; doesn't it?

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