Monday, November 26, 2012

Moral Choices Have Been Made; and Stolen

Here is a sad story; both the article and the comments. The story is sad because the Federal Court has refused to even hear arguments that individuals who own companies have a right to not pay for items that violate their religious convictions.

The comments are sad because the idiots on the left are convinced that their right to something trumps your moral right to believe that that something is wrong. They also are either so dense, or are playing at being so dense, that they believe Hobby Lobby's right not to PAY for contraception equals Hobby Lobby trying to ban all contraception.

Realistically, when it comes to religious based morality I don't believe the government has the power to legislate. They can no more require me to do something I consider immoral than they do to force you not to do something you consider moral.

Like birth control. As the article make clear, Hobby Lobby has drawn the line at the 'morning after pill'. Birth control pills for a daily regimen they consider fine, as they are a prevention technique (although some religions will not even accept that level of birth control), but consider anything taken after the act as abortion, and something they cannot support.

If I refuse to pay for a specific contraceptive, that does not disallow you from using that same contraceptive. I am not refusing you the use, on your moral grounds of the product, why are you refusing me the right, on my moral grounds, not to pay for it?

Again we are talking about actions that are strictly moral or immoral according to an individual's point of view. Some things can be considered immoral, but not illegal, just as other things can be considered illegal, but not immoral.

Other parts of reproduction, or the interruption of reproduction, are not just immoral, but should be illegal. Its a fine line, and is an individual choice. I know there are some who who have all contraception banned. I think that's wrong.

Contraception can take may forms; from the very basic- abstinence- on the far right to the morning after pill on the far left. Every one of us has drawn the line graph represented by those choices and drawn a line that determines our choice between moral and immoral. Contraception is just that; a bar to conception taking place. If you conscience believes a contraceptive act or failure to act is moral, then its none of my business. There are disagreements between the major religions on the various forms and steps that are allowable, and the law should stay out of the way; forcing a morality on no one.

A distinction Obamacare fails to make.

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