Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Well, It's the Day After

The day for post-postmortems, recriminations and Monday Morning Quarterbacking.

What the Hell happened yesterday?

Yesterday was worse than 2008. In '08 I expected McCain to lose. I wasn't looking forward to it, but I was expecting it. And Obama could have been a decent President.

But yesterday? We know what kind of President Obama is, and will be.

And re-elected him.

Over 60 million people in this country think Obama is leading us in the right direction. Seriously?

That tells me one thing; It's not just the re-election of Obama that will send us down the road to ruin, it is the voters in this country who think we need to head that way.

And that is just sad.

Whether it is the over-educated Marxists or the 'Obama Phone' class we apparently have a majority who think stealing from the producers to give to non-productive is okay. And if the rich aren't rich enough, borrow the rest.

Or just print more money. That won't hurt anybody, will it?

Did you know we are currently EXPORTING gasoline? So why is gas so high? It's not short supply; it's too many dollars in the market place. Oil trades in dollars. When there are lots of dollars in circulation their value decreases with respect to other currencies. When fewer pounds or yen or yuan are required to buy a dollar the price of a gallon of gas goes up. and when producers can get a higher price on the world market than they can at home, they export gasoline.

It's not a short supply of gasoline that is keeping the price over 3 dollars a gallon; its the Federal Reserve printing money like its toilet paper that is doing it. I don't see Obama shutting down the presses in his second term, do you?

If you want to have some idea where this will end, do a search on 'Wiemar Republic'. Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it.

I'm not the only one who knows where this will lead. Did you notice that the Stock Market crashed today? Down over 300 points. Banks were especially hard hit. I wonder why? Could it be that the fear of new regulation will adversely affect profitability?

And watch the unemployment numbers the next few months. Right now new jobs are being added, and people are starting to look for work again. Look for that to change. the rate of unemployment may not change, but fewer and fewer people will be working starting in January, after the Christmas rush.

Or sooner, if consumers decide to keep their wallets in their pockets again this season.

The class that accepts money from the government may think Obama's policies are a good idea, but the people who fund that government do not. And they will vote a second time in the coming months. This time with their wallets.

Less investment in the market place means fewer jobs; fewer jobs means less money trading hands; less money trading hands means less revenue to the government; less revenue means another round of printing money.

And the Stock Market drops again.

But what the Hell will the folks who voted for Obama care? They'll be eating Government cheese and talking on their Obama phone.

As long as somebody else's money holds out.


engelj06 said...

As far as the export of gas, I read that article differently. It's not the government exporting gasoline it's Shell, BP etc. America is borrowing money to import the oil needed to make the gasoline and then letting the corporations make money off of the exported gasoline. That kind of stuff has been in place since the Bush pro oil days.

engelj06 said...

In my opinion this election came down to the moderates and independents. The republican strategy cost them these votes.
Most of these voters tend to be fiscally conservative and socially liberal. Many we're willing to follow Romney to cut spending since they see little benefit from it. Where they lost these voters was trying to make Romney appeal to the far right in regards to being socially conservative.
In my opinion and honestly my vote it came down to not believing either candidate would put more money in my pocket but one may infringe on rights I hold dear. Hence why my vote didn't go to Romney

An Edjamikated Redneck said...

But Obama seeems intent on destroying the rights I hold dear; God-given rights I retain through the courtesy of our Constitution.

Not the least of which is Freedom of Expression and the Second Amendment.

And he is fiscally driving us over a cliff.

Which is more important? A viable currency or Abortion? Something NOT in the Constitution, but created out of whole cloth by the beleivers in a living and breathing document.

Right now, I'm looking for a viable currency.

Something i don't think we'll have in a year or two.