Tuesday, November 13, 2012



Tonight I decided to take the Young'un shopping. She had money in her pocket from some work she did a few days ago and had decided that her backpack was no longer serviceable.

Some of her friends (she is about a month short of 8) were carrying a new style of book bag called a Messenger style; meaning that instead of having two straps and holding the weight on your back, this one had one strap and hung off your side.

Rumor had it- one of her friends at school had told her- that the local Kohl's had them for $4.99. And she had $10.00. So we went to Kohls.

Now I am not much of a shopper. I have a store I go to when I need clothes, because no place local has my size in dress pants or shirts. And I go to Wal-mart. Kohls is unfamiliar territory.

So first order of business was to find out where the backpacks were. The Young'un is a take charge person, and has no problem asking questions. The first person we saw who worked there did not know where the backpacks were. The second person did. Allegedly. He sent us to the far northwest corner of the store. after a few minutes fruitless search we asked again for the backpacks.

Guess what? Their in the southeast corner of the store, right next to the door we entered. so we trekked all the way BACK across the store, to between menswear and shoes, in the luggage department.

And this is where the world ended.

They didn't have any Messenger style book bags. And then the tears started. Her friends lied to her. Her friends HATED her. She hated her friends because they lied to her. But she kept looking. And found a $25 Nike bag.

When I refused to buy it,  Then I was the one that hated her and had lied to her. Her backpack was old (we bought it at the start of the school year, when it was 'the bomb') she needed a new backpack, and this one was pink.

My reminders that we had come into the store for a $5.00 book bag did not mean we would buy a $25.00 one as a consolation prize were not even listened too. The whole world and God Almighty were all against her. The world would end and she would not have a good book bag.


I have raised 5 sons. In over 25 years of raising 5 boys from infancy to adulthood I did not have as much DRAMA as I have had with this Young'un in the last year.

I took her to get a pair of shoes a few weeks ago. With her Dad and her Uncles it was a 5 minute trip. Here's the price range and here's your size; pick out a pair of shoes. They picked out a pair of shoes and out the door we went. With the Young'un it took 25 minutes just to narrow down the selections to a couple of hundred pair, most of which were too big; too small or too pricey. We literally spent 45 minutes in the shoe aisle at Wal-Mart AND DID FIND A PAIR TO BUY!!!!!

I decided right then and there, and I do mean RIGHT then and RIGHT there never to shop with her again.

I didn't think tonight would be a shopping trip. But it was.

So right here and now I am making a vow.

I am not going to step into a store with the Young'un again. I want to enjoy the few remaining hairs I have left.

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