Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Okay, today I am cheesed off

Why am I upset? Last night I heard something that reminded me how bad off we are.

I usually listen to Mark Levin while drifting off at night. He usually has quite a bit to say that I find useful.

Last night he was replaying a speech of Ronald Reagan’s from around 1964. (

My God, where are the orators today? First the subject of the speech was spot on, both in 1964 and in 2009, second his delivery was absolutely mesmerizing.

Obama a speech maker? Obama couldn’t have spoke in the same room for a year after Reagan was done. I can’t think of a current Republican who could have had the same effect, even with the same speech.

Gov. Palin may have come close, but Reagan’s speech was tempered with the experience and fire of conversion, much like St. Paul’s, that a life long practitioner can’t match.

Much like the Israelites, who needed a Moses to guide them out of the wilderness, we Conservatives need our own Moses.

It ain’t McCain. It ain’t McConnell (that pork barrel traitor). Who do we have on the national stage that can light the small government fire in the belly of the electorate the way Reagan did 30 years ago?

Man I wish I knew. I might even send them money.