Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Absolutely everything is on the Internets; including a recipe for a 4-way.

Amazing. Right down to the spices to make the chili out of.

And no wonder it's so popular; how can you beat a combination of Meat and Chocolate?

I was actually looking for news about the rye bread shortage in Cincinnati. Apparently Hostess/Butternut baked ALL of the rye bread for this market.

Especially the dark German rye. My son, who works in food retailing, told me tonight they have had to deal with a a lot of ticked off Germans, unable to get their rye bread.

I'm one of them.

But at any rate this website had a combination of posts; one about the proper rye bread to use on a pastrami Reuben and another close by talking about Cincinnati Chili.

And the power of Bing saw 'Rye Bread' and 'Cincinnati' and thought that was what I was looking for.

Well; it wasn't then, but it is now.

Amazing what you can stumble into when you go out roaming around on the Internets.

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