Friday, November 16, 2012


It has been a day. I just now was able to sit down for a few minutes. Nothing earth shattering; just general busy.

But I hate a busy Friday. Especially a busy Friday night. Friday night is the night I like to vegetate. And I usually like to start vegetating at 6:00, not 7:30.

I am working on big post for tomorrow- involving beer!- but tonight will be a short one.

I started a special project at work yesterday, that I had to restart 3 or 4 times in order to get the entire thing right. Not a big deal, but it will take some time. One of those time consuming, tedious things. But very important, and requiring a person of experience, requiring a decision on each part of the process that will affect the clients and our work in the future.

I hate projects like that. A PITA to do, but can't be delegated.

That was one of the reasons I was looking forward to quitting time.

Another reason was that my local favorite liquor store has recently expanded, and as part of the expansion has added 24 beer taps to sell craft beers draft. I picked up a couple of growlers (half gallon jugs, like pictured above) of a pre-prohibition style lager that is going down quite well.

I can already feel the tight muscles in my neck and back starting to uncoil and my mind starting to clear of a million mundane details.


Friday Night. Two whole mornings before the grind begins again.


engelj06 said...

After going there last weekend I realized I'm going to have to make the long trek from covington to there on the weekends. I was very impressed with the growler selection

An Edjamikated Redneck said...

The whole new store is impressive, and it doesn't look like prices have gone up at all.

That's even more impressive!