Thursday, November 8, 2012

Its Time For A Change

I haven't yet analyzed exactly why Romney lost. Maybe I really don't care why. I really wasn't that enamored of Romney anyway. I voted for him because he wasn't Obama. I would have (ALMOST) voted for the devil himself instead of Obama, but I am convinced that Obama is the devil himself.

Something has to explain those ears.

But, I digress.

As of today we have just short of four years and a Congressional election to do SOMETHING.

Tomorrow I am changing my voter registration form "Independent" to "Libertarian".

I have never been much of a joiner. I'm not a big fan of people or being around them. But sometimes you need to do things you hate in order to support things you love.

And I love this country. Or, at least what this country used to be. And will be again.

I'm thinking Libertarian is the way to go for a lot of reasons, but mostly because they believe in leaving folks alone.

Are they perfect? Hell no. Most of their foreign policy stands are naive, especially in the modern world. In George Washington's day we could ignore what happened in West Africa; it would take months to get the news and years for it to affect us, if ever. But when you can have lunch in Kenya and dinner in Washington, we need to take a little more notice of what happens overseas. The Libertarians need to recognize that our national interests do extend beyond our borders.

It's on domestic issues I am 100% behind the Libertarians.

Take Colorado; they just voted to legalize recreational marihuana. I don't know the details, like distribution or sales, but why has the government determined that one intoxicant- alcohol- is legal, and another- marihuana- is not? Or why do I need a prescription for one medication and not for another? Some Medications once required a prescription now do not, and some medications that do not require prescription are locked up behind the counter and restricted for sale. Why?

If I think I need a medication for a head cold, why do I need permission to buy that relief? Am I not a competent adult? Who makes these decisions, that one medication is over the counter, and another is not? Whoever it is has decided I am not competent enough to handle my own health without supervision.

Should all drugs be over the counter? Hell no. Antibiotics should still be prescription. Here's why: A lot of diseases can be made resistant to antibiotics by over medicating, which would affect everybody, and not just the one who is over medicating.

But that is what Libertarianism is all about. You can screw yourself up all you want. But not me.

Look at all of the government would could get rid of if we just stopped  controlling every little thing.

Would we still have an EPA? Maybe; but it's role would not be as controlling and punitive as it is now. But we would still need to make sure that what you did on your land didn't affect me. Think of them more as cops; the oil you dumped in your backyard ruined my roses. The EPA is the special police to handle the issue.

We have four years to sort it out and to get a viable candidate; some one right and left can get behind.

It's time to drain the swamp in Washington, and it is obvious neither party is up to the task. Lets see if somebody else is.

What do we have to lose?

Seriously; what do we have to lose?

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