Monday, October 29, 2012

Earners Versus Takers

As you may know I have 5 sons, 4 of whom are eligible to vote in this election. I'm not concerned about which way they will be voting; all five of my sons have sent me anti-Obama items. They are all registered to vote and are ready to send Obama back to Chicago.

The question is why? Why are these members of their generation so against government giveaways?

Maybe it’s because they all have jobs and all pay taxes. Maybe it’s because none of them have been contaminated by college. Maybe it's because they have worked for everything they have, and see how much more they could have, if they were allowed to keep more of what they earned. Nobody ever gave them anything; they don't have the receiver mindset.

That's the way they were raised; you want something, then you earn it. From a candy bar when they were 5 to fancy sneakers when they were 17. I kept them fed, clothed and housed. Santa made his periodic visits and birthdays were honored, but $20 shoes were the budget. You want Air Jordans? Then you earn and spend the other $80. I don't think any of my boys spent that $80 the second time. The amount of effort that went into earning that money was not worth the value of the shoe.

Oscar Wilde once said that "A cynic is a man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing." I would argue that a liberal is the same; they know the value of nothing, because everything has been handed to them.

Look at our current President; what has he ever earned? Certainly not his college positions, up to and including Harvard Law review. Certainly not any of his elected offices, most of which he got by eliminating the opposition prior to reaching the voting booth. The Presidency? Remember; he ran against John McCain, probably the weakest Republican candidate since Taft in 1916.

How many democrats are that way? Were handed everything they ever had, from their first car to their college education, to their first job? Maybe that’s why democrats/liberals/progressives seem to think everybody is entitled to everything- they didn’t earn anything, so it’s unfair to make somebody else earn something?

I could be way off base. But I do wonder; has anybody done a poll showing how many folks with student loan debt are voting for Obama, as opposed to those with student loan debt and a job?


engelj06 said...

Only thing I can say is that most republicans in the federal government are the same way. Think Romney bought his first car or paid his own way through school. Yes he worked in the corporate world but he didnt have to work to get there like you and I. Nearly all of the politicians in Washington fall under the description you lay out above.

An Edjamikated Redneck said...

Agreed. That's why I like Rand Paul and Tom Massie. If you haven't done so, you need to check out Tom Massie's Website.

You might like him.

That being said, Romney did donate his entire inheratence to charity, so although he may have had a few advantages you and I didn't, a huge pot of money wasn't one of them.