Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sorry 'bout Yesterday

Well; the weekend kicked my butt. I am still sore and tired. Hopefully I will recover in time for round two this weekend.

This past weekend was spent in my son's bathroom. It was drastically in need of a redo. He and his wife bought the house 4 years ago, and at the time we did a clean and paint with a new tub and flooring. the room was serviceable.

But it was due a refit. It had a closet in one corner that took up too much room and provided too little storage, and the sink and cabinet that were serviceable 4 years ago were now past prime. They had to go.

Last Friday afternoon, they went. Along with the wall behind the sink and the floor, down to the subfloor. That was the easy part.

Saturday we hung drywall on the sink wall and filled in hole in the walls and ceiling the closet removal left. and fixed a few things elsewhere in the room, and then started slinging drywall mud.

Sunday morning it was 2nd coat of mud; wait for it to dry, and then 3rd coat of mud. In between we ate dinner, as pictured above. About 12 pounds of ribs. We put about 6 ounces in the fridge.

Monday was touch up on the drywall, and starting on the floor. We had to lay cement backer board, and then layout the tile. The tile had been chosen by the daughter in law, so we had to make it fit in the room.

It came out stunning, if I do say so myself. Pictures later, as soon as I can figure out how to get them from a text on my phone.

We had the original layout, the layout we first decided to use, the revised layout, and the layout that developed as we were laying tile out on the floor. The actual laying of tile is easy. The prep work will kill you.

But I suppose it is like everything else in this world; the job itself is easy; its the prep work for the job that is hard.

Once we had the layout, then we had to center it on the room- left and right, and front to back, then determine our layout lines. The other hard part is the first thing anybody will see is just inside the door. And that is where you stop laying tile; not start. You start back in the hidden corner, and if the hidden corner isn't absolutely perfect, then when you get to the door the tile look like somebody backed a truck up and swept them out of the tailgate.

I had to leave about 9:00 Monday night; I was spent and had to work the next morning. The Boy finished up by himself, until he ran out of tile about 11:00.

This weekend it is finish sanding and paint on the walls and ceiling; install the new sink and sit back to hear the compliments.

And drink beer. Laying tile is not a job you do under the influence.

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