Friday, October 12, 2012

The Vice- Presidential Debate

Well, I wasted an hour and a half last night watching Joe Biden make an ass of himself.

I don't know what else to say. Between Biden and the "moderator" I consistently got the impression that Paul Ryan was the only adult on the stage, and he was doing his best to pacify two recalcitrant children. even the tone of his voice was the same one I use to settle down a couple of 4 year olds.

I knew it wouldn't happen, but I kept hoping Ryan would get up and walk aver to Biden and drop him like a bad habit. If he had, I'll bet the audience would have broke out into applause.

I also don't know what was worse; mouthy half- crazy Biden from the start of the debate, or sanctimonious Joe from the final minutes.

If there was anyone besides a party hack who felt Biden even scored a point in that 'debate' it would surprise me. Was he even aware of what a debate is? The free exchange of ideas and the discussion of their merits?

Interrupting with "That's a lie" hardly fits that description.

After about 40 minutes I came to the realization that Biden was doing exactly what he was sent there to do. It wasn't to debate; it wasn't to try and convince the undecided voters to vote for Obama/Biden.

It was to drive viewers away, before they could hear about Ryan's ideas.

And he almost succeeded with me. 10:00 is my bedtime, and by 10:15 I was ready to flip the switch and stop raising my blood pressure because of Biden's juvenile actions.

But I didn't. And today, wished I had.

In less than 4 weeks we will make Obama/Biden into Lame Ducks. Heaven help us between now and then.

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