Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Two Against One Isn't Fair, Is It?

Well, there's two hours of my life I'll never get back. Apparently Obama tore a page out of Biden's debate prep book.

What an angry mess Obama was last night. I lost track of how many times Obama called Romney a liar. And each time Obama was the liar. Well, Obama or the moderator, Candy Crowley.

The many injuries of Fortuano, sorry, I mean Crowley... But the worst was her agreeing with the President on his terrorism remark on the Benghazi attacks.

How much worse can you get? Because when he was talking about the attack on the Benghazi he used the word 'terrorism' that means he called the attack a terrorist attack? Even though he used it in a completely different context? And was not used as a descriptor of the attack itself?

I guess he got lucky. Other wise they would have had to create the same conclusion by saying something like this:

"In 2011Obama used the words "Terror" and "Libya" in the same speech, and then in March of 2012 he said "Benghazi, Libya", so its plain he called attack an act of terrorism."

This same statement would have been parroted on every network and cable news channel. Even now they will claim this one random reference will mean more than the next 14 days of calling the attack a 'riot gone bad'.

Come on November.

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