Saturday, October 20, 2012

Friday Night at The Movies IX

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Skimming through Netflixs Friday night I ran across a movie I saw a couple of times a few years ago and kind of liked, Beer For My Horses. so I watched it again.

This is my kind of movie. Good music- all Country- some great action sequences, laugh out loud funny in parts, and some weird characters showing up from time to time. Cameo appearances by some old-timers, like Willie Nelson, Mel Tillis, David Alan Coe and Mac Davis also add a little something. Co-written by, and starring Toby Keith, it is exactly what a Friday night movie should be; FUN.

Needless to say, it fulfills my prime directive; a good story, competently told.

Toby Kieth plays an Oklahoma Sheriff's Deputy who busts a Mexican drug lord's little brother stealing fertilizer to make crystal meth. The drug lord kidnaps Toby's girlfriend to trade for his little brother. Toby and two of his deputy friends (Ted Nugent and Rodney Carrington, who also co-wrote the film) kidnap the brother from jail and take him south to make the trade.

Like any good road trip, they run into some crazy characters along the way. The scene with Rodney Carrington in the rest area men's room is an instant classic. Rodney does provide most of the films comic relief. Trying to train his dog to be a drug dog by having him sniff out aspirin is another example or his activities at the initial drug bust; classic humor.

Ted Nugent does a good job too, as Deputy Skunk Travers. He says two words in the entire film, and those are at the end. Skunk tends to let his weapons do the talking for him. From the pair of machine guns he lights up at one point to a sling and stone he uses with great effectiveness at another, Skunk is never at a loss for a weapon or the skill to use it.

The gunfight at the end in a Mexican saloon provides some twists and turns to the plot that I'm not going to reveal, but everything wraps up well. The drug dealers go to jail; the girl gets rescued and everybody enjoys a cold beer.

What better way to spend Friday night?

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