Tuesday, October 9, 2012

See No Evil; Hear No Evil; Speak No Evil


There seem to be a lot of Obama chickens coming home to roost.

Most of them seem to be scandals of some type or kind; the most recent seems to be a replay of the campaign donation scheme from 2008. Apparently Obama's campaign makes itself available for illegal international donations by turning off a verification code requirements for its credit card on-line donations.

The Lame Stream Media haven't picked up on it yet (what a shocker!), but Fox and the talkers are full of it.

Here's that part that will sound funny; The Obama Campaign did the same thing in 2008. Ain't that a laugh?

So whats the downside? Obama had it all figured out. If he won, his Justice department wouldn't investigate him, now would it?

If he lost, McCain's Justice department wouldn't investigate; professional courtesy and/or you don't make the loser look worse by claiming he cheated, and cheated so poorly he still lost.

2012, and here we are again. Same campaign cheating. Same low risk of getting caught. If he wins, his Justice department won't investigate. If he loses, Romney will let the cheating slide, just like McCain would have.

And the value of a vote and an election just keeps getting cheaper. McCain, Romney, Obama, Boehner, Pelosi, McConnell: what do they care? They have their power, their wealth, their position. So what if a candidate cheats a little bit? Who does it hurt?

I'll tell you who it hurts. It hurts me and my children, and my grandchildren. The only power we have in this country comes to us through the ballot box. I don't like having that little bit of authority diluted even further by shenanigans, like illegal contributions, people voting more than once, or having a vote cast for them.

And when the people we have elected fail to take the value of that vote seriously, its just another mark against that value.

Where is the Federal Election Commission? Has there been a charge of illegality brought against the Obama campaign? If their is evidence, then why no charges? and if there have been charges, why is there no public outcry.

Allegedly Obama will raise and spend a billion dollars this election cycle.

A BILLION DOLLARS. $1,000,000,000.00. All of it spent legally, on ads and staff and offices?

Yeah; I bet.

And the value of my vote drops again.

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