Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Milestone, Part II

I reached another milestone today; 10,000 page views for the blog, since my first post in November of 2006; almost 6 years ago.

I just had to share with you folks, after all, your the ones who have done these views, not me.

The STATS page on Blogger has some interesting features. Like it will tract what country the viewer is from. As of today I have 6496 visits from folks in the good old USA. I'll bet you will never guess what country is second?

Give up?

Its Russia! 784 views. Then the UK, Germany and Canada, each with about 250. And just this week I had 4 visitors from Qatar. Don't ask me why; What could I be writing that could interest someone, or 4 someones, in Qatar?

Another interesting point; Blogger also tracks what keyword was searched that brought the searcher to the site. Top Word?

Who Farted; 191 searches.

And no, it wasn't me.

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