Thursday, October 18, 2012

Government Regulation is Getting Bad

Lets say you own a farm. Lets say there is a creek running through that farm. Lets say you need a wheelbarrow full of gravel to fill a pothole in your gravel driveway. Lets say you take your wheelbarrow down to the creek and fill it full of gravel, and dump that gravel on your driveway.

Did you know you have just broken Kentucky law?

I heard a blurb about this on the radio and had to look it up to be sure; yep. Its true.

The blurb had a few more details, such as the permit you need to 'mine' gravel from your creek will cost you $150, plus a $500 per acre bond, plus you will need a attorney to file for the permit.

Because you did not spend $150 on the permit, another $500 on the attorney, and yet another $500 plus for the bond before you 'mined' your wheelbarrow of gravel from your creek, you now face a $5,000 fine.

What has happened to the free country I was born in?


engelj06 said...

The fees associated with this are near criminal for a homeowner getting gravel.
Honestly I can see why there is a law like this, but it should just be that you need to verify that what you are doing wont hurt your neighbors land. No $150 charges should be attached let alone a bond. I realize it's the persons land but if removing the gravel did lead to his neighbors yard being flooded I can see the need to regulate for lack of a better word the removal of gravel from a creek

An Edjamikated Redneck said...

The trouble is they see no difference between personal use form your land and a commercial mining operation for profit.

I an also see a diffence between owning 3 acres or less, and doin this, and owning 10 acres or more and performing the same action.

Again, your illogical government at work.

10 tons of gravel for a commercial purpose or a wheelbarrow full for a pothole are both treated the same, and have the same fees.

engelj06 said...

Agreed it's totally wrong.

An Edjamikated Redneck said...

Holy Mackeral!

Mark THAT on your calendar! ;?)