Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Debates

What is there to say?

Romney looked like he was enjoying himself, and Obama looked like he was undergoing a root canal.

There were a couple of times I saw this:

And thought this:

Hopefully I wasn't the only one.

Romney was short on specifics; Obama was long on ........ 'Inaccuracies'; inaccuracies that Romney was calling him on. McCain never challenged Obama. Romney did, and it threw Obama off his game.

Early polls show Romney as the winner; I find that easy to believe.

If Obama does just as well in the second debate in two weeks, don't look for a third debate; instead look for a 'CRISIS' to develop, meaning the debate will be 'postponed'.

I watched last night hoping Romney could sell me.

So far I'm not sold. But I'm not leaving the store either.

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