Friday, October 5, 2012

Convenieeeent; Ain't It?

Am I the only one to notice the how convenient the new Unemployment numbers were?

I didn't think so. I don't think Obama is even fooling his choir in the Lame Stream Media this time.

Just how much more can we accept? These numbers are supposed to be facts; not partisan playthings that the President can shuffle around as he pleases.

How far are we from a puppet regime when the facts and figures we trust to be honest, and are drivers of the economy, are used as political toys?

This will come back to bite Obama in the ass. People, even the sycophantic lefties in the Lame Stream Media don't like being used.

The real numbers will come out. We will have our 44th month of over 8% unemployment.

And Obama will be left mumbling, with egg on his face.

Hopefully all this will happen before November 6th, but if we depend on the LSM to make it happen, I have my doubts.

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