Wednesday, October 24, 2012

13 days and Counting

We are now less that 2 weeks away from the election that will decide the fate of the country. I hope.

I say I hope, because I am hoping Romney WILL change the course of the country, and not just be Obama Lite, and just send us down the road to a Socialist Hell more slowly. I have hopes, but I also have doubts.

I also believe Romney will win. If Obama didn't have his willing accomplices in the press and the lingering doubts that there will be massive voter fraud in every key state this election would not even be close.

If Obama had the press badgering him on high gas and energy costs, like they did Bush, and constantly dragging the issue of homelessness into the limelight, again, like they did with Bush, and fabricating a scandal out of every decision they didn't like, again, like Bush, this would be a landslide  of Reaganesque proportions.

But they're not, won't and it wont be.

With this administration they wouldn't have to manufacture a scandal; hell; they have any number to pick from. Fast and Furious; Benghazi; Acorn; Black Panthers. And those are just off the top of my head.

But not a word. I guess if CBS can't create some 'Fake , but Accurate" documents for the scandal, they're not interested.

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