Sunday, October 28, 2012

Benghazi Update

Everyday more and more troubling information comes out about the attack in Benghazi on September 11th of this year.

At first it seemed like just a typical Obama Administration bungle and press compliant coverup. But everyday the news gets worse and worse for Obama and his minions.

Initially it was a demonstration gone bad; a story they stuck with for two weeks. When enough information leaked out to prove that narrative false, even to their own press corps, they changed stories, without a hint of embarrassment or explanation.

We knew from the beginning about the 4 dead Americans, including our ambassador to Libya. But everyday brings new details about how they died, why they died, and how Obama left them to die.

I'm not going to link to anything; if your are interested you will know the links already. If you're not, then you wouldn't follow the links anyway. But if this is the first you have heard some of these facts, don't take my word for it; a simple internet search will bring you more than enough information.

Just don't expect any of it to be on CNN, MSNBC or any of the Lame Stream Media sites. They still believe Obama called this an Act of Terrorism in a speech on September 12th, because he happened to say the word TERRORISM at some point in the speech.

You know 4 Americans died. Did you know the US Ambassador was killed not instantly, but slowly and deliberately? And that his body was dragged through the streets of Benghazi for hours?

The two former SEALS that died; did you know they disobeyed direct orders from the US State Department not to get involved?

Did you know their actions saved the innocent lives of 20 embassy staffers, while killing 60 of the attackers?

Contrary to their story of Lack of Information, Obama and his State Department and his Defense Department heads were able to watch the entire attack unfold in real time from cameras in the compound and the camera in a Predator drone that was circling overhead?

Did you know that this attack, that lasted 7 hours, could have been stopped by a rapid response team, specifically created to address these types of emergencies?

Did you know that team was less than an hour away by aircraft, and were specifically told not to become involved?

Did you know that in the days since this attack Obama has relieved of command and replaced both a Army General and a Navy Admiral, both of whom were in the chain of command of the response force?

We have 9 days left before we can count the votes; 9 days in which the wheels will come off of this entire fiasco.

Do you see now why every time you open a free app on your cell phone you have an Obama ad begging you to vote early?

So he can have you of record before all of this mess can be laid exactly where it belongs?

Right at his arrogant feet.

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