Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Debate; Part Deux


Well; time for some more self inflicted pain. Another round of Obama-Romney.

I have probably mentioned before that I always found the folks on the left who said they couldn't stand to hear George Bush's voice tiresome. He was the President; how could you hate a man you never met that much?

And then Obama was elected. I turned off his acceptance speech after less than 30 seconds; his voice irritated every nerve I had. In actual fact, I heard more of his voice two weeks ago in the first debate more than I have in his entire presidency. Combined.

And tonight I will force myself to listen to another 45 minutes of him, give or take 20 minutes, depending on when and if the moderator can shut him up.

Tomorrow's post will again be a review, but I expect Romney to again be the victor by a wide margin, even with two opponents; I fully expect the moderator to be Obama II, doing her best to keep Obama from looking like a complete moron again.

The talking head consensus is that Obama will do better because of the Town Hall format. I don't see why this format is any different than the more formal style, He still won't be able to use a teleprompter.

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