Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What is Racism?

Don't answer the question yet

First, take a look at this article. And the picture.

Now answer my initial question.

If the picture was of George and Laura Bush, would it be racist? Bill and Hillary Clinton? Then why is depicting Obama and the Missus the same way racist?

We are all (allegedly) descended from apes; why is the depiction of one couple racist and another not?

What if the artist who  doctored this photo is black; is it racist then?

Or is it only racist because folks who are not black are seeing this image? What if it was only available in Ebony magazine; would it then be a racist image?

I have complained before about how there is hard racism and soft racism. Hard of course is the KKK. That's easy to identify.

But the Left practices a soft racism; one they refuse to admit, and Obama is either the beneficiary or the cause of the practice. Like the idea that any criticism of Obama is racist.

Ask yourself; is it racist because they can use that rusty canard as a shield, or is it racist because it is not 'proper' to criticize anyone of another race, irrespective of the validity of the criticism?

Back to the image; Remember Chimpy McHitler Bush? How about the images?

If the Obama image is racist, then so are these. Or maybe you don't think they are. Why not? Sauce for the Goose is sauce for the Gander right?

If the only response you have is that the Obama images are racist because they are black, then I will accuse you off being racist; a soft racist. One who feels people of color need to be protected; they aren't capable of defending themselves.

Do you feel that way? Why don't you consider your self a racist?

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