Monday, March 31, 2014

It's Here! Now Hand me a Beer!

Today is OFFICIALLY the first day of Spring!

Why is it official? Because I am sitting in my porch swing, blogging on my laptop.

Without a coat or gloves. That makes it SPRING!

I have been so tired of winter. Right now it is 70 degrees with a light breeze; perfect porch and beer weather.

This is the day that we have so few of it seems. Not too hot; not too cold. Not too windy; not too humid.

Just right in every respect.

Except for the 9-year-old dribbling a basketball a few feet away. On the porch. Where to noise echos and rebounds so each slam of the ball on to the concrete sound like the entire UK first string doing dribble laps.

In an empty swimming pool.

Luckily her attention span is only about 30 dribbles long.  Then its off to something else. Or its another question. Or its back to the basketball. THUMP; THUMP; THUMP.

'Hey Pap-paw; why does..... How does.... where is....' Right now all of the questions are answerable, although distracting. I can make a blog post, or I can explain how a small seed becomes a large plant. Not both. Especially when the weather is so distracting too.

This is the weather I dreamed about all winter. This is the day that kept me going in February, when the sunrise and sunset seemed to occur in the same hour. When stepping outside was an hour long chore, due to the dressing and undressing in multiple layers was required to avoid frostbite. When the sn** kept all of the grass hidden under a thick, white blanket.

That Feburary.

And now she wants to dig up the yard to look for dinosaur bones. Did I mention this week is Spring Break? 65-70 everyday for highs. And I will be at work. Everyday until the forecast says rain and 50 degrees. Yup. Saturday.

But I  suppose that is one of the reasons we value these days so highly; the rarity. 365 days like this may wear thin. As I read on James Lileks blog this morning; days like this are our reward for surviving the winter (I am paraphrasing of course).

I'm not sure it's a reward for surviving the winter, as much as it is a reward for BELIEVING we could survive the winter. I never doubted I would survive.

I just was never sure how many years older I would be when it ended.

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