Tuesday, March 25, 2014

President Paul has a Nice Ring, Doesn't It?

I found this article though a Facebook Post. It is written from a Democrat, OH NO WHAT WILL WE DO!!!!! perspective, but still raises some good points.

"Don’t laugh but Rand Paul could be our next president" is the title. Apparently this news scares the daylights out of the Left side of the country. Probably because he could draw a large number of voters not just Republicans, but Independents, Libertarians and yes, even a substantial number of Democrats.

In short he could beat the margin of cheat Democrats have become accustomed to winning with.

Face it; Rand Paul has the attractive ideas the country is looking for; smaller government; lower taxes, less government intrusion. >His one weak spot; foreign policy. But that is where is is probably strongest with the left side. He wants to end the foreign entanglements, which sounds like a good thing, and some of it is.

But the world is like a 6th grade classroom; everybody is either your friend or your enemy. Switzerland is like the teacher; for all appearances neutral, but does play favorites. You have to make friends, or you have made enemies.

And making friends with countries cost more than picking them early for Dodgeball or sharing your Fig Newtons. You still need to pick them early for games and you still need to share your goodies, it's just that the games have higher stakes and the goodies have multi-billion dollar price tags.

 I wish the law allowed the Presidential Candidate to announce who they would pick for certain cabinet positions. Knowing who Rand Paul would pick for his Secretaries of State and Defense would pur my mind at ease about the Foreign policy issue.

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