Monday, March 10, 2014

That Was A FAST Weekend

This past weekend was busy from Friday night to Sunday night. I had just enough time to throw up a post Saturday morning, but otherwise I was busy following somebody else's direction. Not to say that I didn't have fun.

Friday night we were invited to my brother's house for a game night; me and all my boys. We had a great time. Eating pizza, drinking beer (some of us) and playing some non-traditional games. We had a great group of folks; that always makes a difference.

And then came Saturday afternoon.

The Young'un was involved in a, well, as she described it, a 'Career Move'. The local Aquarium  was filming a commercial, and needed 20 kids. The Young'un requested to be included, and was selected. Well, it wasn't as easy as that sounded.

We were supposed to be notified by March 3 if she was to be included or not. It snowed March 3, so school was closed. I took advantage of the weather, and worked from home. Every few minutes a small blonde head would poke itself around the corner and ask me I had had an email yet. In all cases the answer was no. At 5:30 I explained that if we hadn't heard anything by this time, she probably wasn't selected.

A few minutes later my son caught he in the living room, working a stress ball like there was no tomorrow.

"What's wrong", he asked.

"I'm stressed!" she responded.

"Stressed? what do you have to be stressed about?"

"Because my career is going nowhere!" she said, still working the stress ball.

I have mentioned that she is NINE?

It was Tuesday morning when I got the email that she had been selected. I thought we were swamped in drama when she hadn't been selected. But I was wrong. That was nothing compared the 'I-have-nothing-to-wear' drama. Basically because Grandma joined in.

I spent most of Saturday on the road, hitting every store we could think of to find her some appropriate clothes. It took all day, be we found 3 outfits that worked.

And then Sunday we had the MAD DASH that started about 8:00. Getting ready, finding out we had missed some important accoutrement for the outfits and then hitting the venue in time for the filming.

And then cooling our heels for the next 4 and a half hours while they filmed a 30 second TV spot. Yee-Hah.

And then we had to deal with the time change as well. Another Yee-Hah.

Final product should be on the air in a week or ten days, and we can see how much of her performance wound up on the cutting room floor.

Based on her desire to do it again, I hope I haven't created a monster!

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