Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Color Me Confused

I'm curious about this missing Malaysian Airliner. Now days your first thought when a plane goes missing is terrorism. Add in the two Iranians traveling with stolen passports, on one-way tickets bought with cash, and it really starts to look like 1+1=2.

But then, why no credible claim for the action? Why no wreckage?

All reports say the plane itself- a Boeing 777- is almost hyper reliable, and the pilot was the best of the best. So we can rule out pilot error or mechanical malfunction, right?

So what does that leave? Alien abduction?

Yes; I am kidding. Who was it who said all things are possible, some are just more probable than others?

Still; we have a plane that disappeared from Radar without a word from the crew. some reports say it was spotted on military radar, way off course, and also spotted, a gain way off course, flying low. But these reports are late, almost 'here's an excuse' late.

Still, even if it was way off course, why no wreckage; no oil slick if nothing else?

Unless it ran out of fuel and the pilots managed to land it on the water, a la Sully Sulzberger, and it sank whole. But why no rafts, no radio calls? And why were they off course so badly that none of the searchers can find anything?

Questions, questions, questions. Everybody has questions. In this case it's not the questions we need, its the answers.

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