Saturday, March 22, 2014

Dreaming Big is Half the Fun

Well, I did what I could.

I bought a ticket. I didn't win the big money; that went to Florida and Maryland. My wife threatened me with divorce if I spent another dime on lottery tickets and did not buy my ticket in Florida; it seems that's where they sell all of the winners anymore.

There used to be a show on one cable channel or another about how a big lottery win had ruined somebodies life. Week after week of disasters. Millions gone in a few years; crooked family stealing, begging letters form all over the world, looking for a free handout form what you were lucky enough to receive. DUI's divorces, bankruptcies; trouble up hill and down dale.

Maybe the lucky ones were the ones who didn't win?

Or maybe that is just the class of people buying lottery tickets? Those out for more money in an instant than they could earn in a lifetime? Those who were poor because they thought poor, and having millions didn't change their way of thinking; they just thought poor with more money to spend.

There were success storied too that I remember. One group of guys hit a big jackpot and split millions. 3 of them retired right away. The fourth was still working. Although he was driving to work in a new pickup.

For me, winning isn't everything. The dreaming I get for a few bucks is worth the expense. I also get a dose of reality with it.

How would I spend $400 million? Or; How would I spend the $200 million the government would let me keep? $400 million gets cut in half pretty quick, with the cash value of the annuity being the biggest cut. And the IRS and the Commonwealth of Kentucky getting a share. Reality first; fantasy second.

Next comes the Deal With God part; the portions you would give to each charity, if you win. Surely God will look more kindly on your numbers, if you agree to give a portion of it away? It may help. Just because it hasn't yet worked for me doesn't mean it won't work ever.

And the Family clause; each family member gets a slice of the pie; a slice that varies- like the Charity part- when you realize just how far $200 million won't go.

Then comes the Spend it on Me segment; New Car!; Wait- New Rolls Royce!; Wait; New Ferrari!, no Bentley, No Bugatti or Lamborghini or Porsche or Wait!

New House! on Land; lots of land, with 5 bedrooms, no 10 bedrooms, and a game room and a pool and a hot tub overlooking the lake I'll build so I can see one from the hot tub.

And then the next morning there are two winners; Florida and Maryland.

And you shut off the alarm drag your loser carcass out of bed and start getting ready for work. On the way there you stop for a donut and a cup of coffee.

And a lottery ticket.

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