Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Allowance? What's an Allowance?

I had several things I considered blog worthy today, until late this afternoon when I saw this. It blew everything else out of the water.

Remember one name: Tanya Helfand. She is the attorney- the hopefully soon to be disbarred attorney- that represented an adult child, one who is suing her parents for Child Support.

No; you read that right. an adult child who is suing her parents for Child Support. And Tuition. And her Allowance!

As always, the stories differ some. But some facts are not in dispute.

Last October Rachel Canning turned 18. At that point she moved out of her parents' home. The parents are claiming she left because they were requiring her to adhere to a curfew and do chores around the house.

She is first claiming that they threw he out of the house, and then claiming, through her mouthpiece, “Her home life is an "abusive unhealthy situation,". To be fair, to an 18 year old chores and a curfew are considered abusive.

But; I digress.

Now little Miss Rachel Rich has discovered something her parents apparently never taught her; Money has to be earned. She apparently has no appetite for work, but does have the name and phone number of a shyster willing to risk their license to practice law.

Before I continue, let me explain something. Attorneys are officers of the court, and as such are not supposed to waste the court's time. Attorneys can be sanctioned for doing so. I would think this case fits that bill.

But; to continue; she has sued her parent to pay not only her high school tuition, some $5,300.00, but also her college tuition, her allowance and 'Child Support' as well as her attorney fees.

Tuesday the Family Court Judge in the case ruled that they parents do not have to pay her high school tuition bill, but must pay her an allowance and Child Support. The unnamed judge has delayed ruling on whether or not the parents need to pay for her college, but did deny her request for attorney's fees.

Did I mention this is NEW JERSEY? While I am disbarring an attorney for a frivolous waste of the courts time, this nutcase judge is AGREEING with her.

According to her father: "Private school, new car, college education; that all comes with living under our roof".

Oh, but damn the bad luck, all that largesse also comes with rules. Want the goodies without the grief? Hire a lawyer and sue.

Core of this case, in my opinion? What claim on a parents' assets does a competent adult child have?

My answer? None; nadda, zip. A parent is required to raise a child. hopefully they have done a good job and turned that child into a successful adult by the age of 18. A adult who can support themselves; feed clothe and house themselves. Find and keep a job. CONTRIBUTE TO SOCIETY.

If they haven't; they apparently can get sued for support. And Allowance.


Here is another problem I see with this scenario as well; does this situation remind you of anything? People who want the goodies without the grief? You know; food clothing and shelter without the issue of needing to actually, you know, EARN any of those things?

Yep. Exactly.

UPDATE: the article I read and linked to yesterday has been changed. Originally it said the judge had approved the allowance and support for our young adult; now it says otherwise. Which is good in a lot of respects, but it does make me look like I have a reading comprehension problem.

I also read a few more details today that really put the slime into this situation. Apparently our plaintiff is living with a friend and their family, and it is the father of this friend (an attorney) who is currently footing the bill for the lawsuit, and recommended the filing of the suit to the plaintiff. The article doesn't describe the friend; that makes me wonder if she is living with her boyfriend's family? And why is Dad pushing this suit?

Something doesn't pass the smell test; at least to me.

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