Sunday, March 2, 2014

Need Some Good News?

Today being Sunday, I wanted to do an uplifting post. I spent a few minutes- and then a few hours- looking for something up lifting in the news. Well; I came up empty handed.

Well; maybe I can find something uplifting outside my window. On the upside I don't see any snow, and yesterday was over 50 degrees! we were able to spend a few minutes outside without risking frostbite; that is encouraging! I was out there long enough to see that it looks like this deep freeze has killed all of the Irises I transplanted last year. But it was warmish and sunny.

But today it's raining, and they are calling for snow. How much and when we will get it depends on which channel you watch. Yesterday it was a foot; today its an inch or so, depending what part of the area you're in and which model you want to believe. It depends on the temperature.

Amazing ain't it? they can't tell me what temperature will be in a couple of hours, but have models that tell me the whole world is warming? But it Sunday; no "Global Warming" rant today.

But still missing that uplifting something to blog about.

Well; what do you do when you are searching for something you can't find?

I hit BING! Search term; 'Good News'.

And... Did you know there is a Good News Network?

What kind of good news do they have for me?

How about this one? Some divers saved a shark- yes a SHARK- from choking to death. WITH VIDEO!!!!!

Or how about this one? Los Angeles International Airport had a problem with an invasive species of tree. So they are now selling the tress to the LA zoo to feed the Giraffes!

Okay, I admit that these pieces of news don't even begin to cover up all of the bad news we are bombarded with constantly and consistently.

But it is nice to know that there is at least ONE website dedicated to spreading if not Good News, at least Better News.

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