Saturday, March 1, 2014

And the Cap and Gown Go To...

Well, I hate to do this, but since I can't get a link to work to the original column I will have to paraphrase what I saw; trust me my paraphrasing will probably be more accurate and more entertaining than the real article was.

I was looking for something or the other yesterday on the internet and saw one of this sidebar ads "The Most Highly Educated Stars in Hollywood".  It was on a site called Celebrity Dirt, which I guess didn't bode well for quality of the info in any case, but, okay; this I gotta see. Especially since they illustrated the blurb with Rowan Atkinson. Yep; Mr. Bean.

Of course Jody Foster is on the list with a PhD, but of the 10/12 folks on the list, only about half actually had a degree; all but Ms. Foster's were Bachelors level. The rest were among the most highly educated because they had attended college.

You know me; I don't believe a college degree imparts any special talents; all it says to me is that you spent a lot of time and more money allowing somebody to try and teach you something; there is a big difference between being educated and having a degree. The last thing I would require from somebody prancing around in front of a camera would be a college degree.

It's not the lack of an education that causes my ire this morning, it is what they do OFF screen that causes my bile to rise.

For all of the attention paid to green energy and the environment by the folks in Hollyweird, you would think at least ONE of the chattering class would have a degree in at least say, Earth Sciences.

Or at least attended college for a degree in the Green arena.

But nope; the closest we come to a hard science in our Most Educated Celebrity category is.....

Mr. Bean!

Yes, Rowan Atkinson has a degree in Electrical Engineering from Oxford University. And given his age, I said it was awarded back when that degree meant something.

So the next time some Hollywood empty head scolds you for your carbon footprint, just before jetting off to Europe in his private jet for lunch on the Riviera, remember he is an actor; paid consistently to mouth words he may not even understand the meaning of.

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