Thursday, March 13, 2014

How's That Again?

I received an email today that just confused me. It was to a email group, which makes it worse I would think. It read (redacted):

(THIS PLACE) is very good they use (THIS PRODUCT) which is a family owned business  that is no longer in business  because the kids were not interested in running it

Okay; What? I think I get the jist of what the author was trying to say, but, holy cow!

Based on the group I was in I believe the author to be fairly well educated and fairly well off. So where did this statement come from?

How much of a family business can if be if the kids aren't involved? How much a business can it be if it is no longer a business?

Or am I making a mountain out of a mole hill? 

Does this statement pass for viable English in today's world? After all; it does communicate the idea it suppose it was intended to, and performs the basic function of communication. But does leave plenty of room for improvement.

Not to say I am an English scholar by any means. I do my best, and hope my words communicate what they are supposed to; let those without sin and all that.

But anyway; I have some rather extensive plans for this weekend, and will most likely not be posting Saturday and Sunday. If I do manage to get a post up consider it a bonus!

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