Monday, March 3, 2014


Yesterday I was looking for an uplifting item to post, and had to hunt for something.

Today one dropped into my lap, in an email from a friend and fellow veteran.

The title of his email was 'No Words Needed'.

In some respects he was right. But in others, maybe less right.

The events stand on their own; the actions of this boy are proudly able to speak volumes.

But they are also worthy of comment.

I have a 9 yer old granddaughter; I know what $20 represents to a child of that age. A dollar is money; 5 bucks is heaven. $20; that's Sam Walton Rich. It represents unlimited spending. When a major purchase is $2.50, $20.00 is REAL CASH! Think about it this way: assume you just found enough cash to equal two weeks pay. Puts it into perspective, doesn't it?

We also have a child who never knew his father. He knows he was a soldier, and he knows his career as a soldier is why he is not around. Some folks would be bitter about that. The Army wouldn't represent the best we can be, but the entity that stole the most important man ever in your life as a young boy.

But he isn't. He has found money, and instead of spending on himself, or on his immediate family, he spends on his larger family, his Army Family.

Another point the article doesn't make that needs to be. Not only is this one special kid; he has one very special Mother.

This youngster didn't get this way on his own. He was formed by a woman who had every reason to be bitter, and apparently is not. What better way to honor her husband's memory than the boy she has raised?

Yesterday I went hunting for good news, and found a group of divers who rescued a shark.

Today I had good news thrust upon me, and this was the best kind of good news; it is the kind that gives me hope.

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