Friday, August 3, 2012

So Long, Geoff Davis

I knew Representative Geoff Davis was retiring at the end of this term, and I am going to miss him. He was ending his 4th term, and that should be long enough for anybody in the cesspool. I think the only things that could spend longer than 8 years in a cesspool is the stuff you flush to a cesspool.

And yes Mitch McConnell, I'm talking about you.

Rep.Davis was always a reliable vote for common sense. He was a frequent caller on the morning show on 550, and his reports on the doings in Washington were always a breath of fresh air.

Except for once.

Right after Boenher raised the debt ceiling Geoff was on the morning show defending the action. He was doing it, but you could tell it was a distasteful duty. A few months afterward he announced his pending retirement,

The thing that has me concerned now is the euphemistic 'spending more time with his family' retirement. I seriously hope that if there is a family crisis, all works out for the best, and my thoughts are with the Davis Family.

Rep. Davis is an honorable man, and my most fervent hope is that there is an issue with his family, and that his sudden retirement isn't because of a pending action in the House that he wants no part of.

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