Thursday, August 16, 2012

Old Times I Ain't Nostalgic For.

Well, I think we are finally getting the Spring weather we should have gotten in May. It has been flat beautiful around here lately.

Temperatures have been normal, but the humidity we normally have in August has lit out for parts unknown.

We had our family reunion last weekend, and for the first time in recent memory I didn't sweat off 10 pounds just standing around in the shade. (Damn the bad luck; now I'll actually have to work it off.) And last night I spent a couple of hours reading on the back porch, and my book didn't turn back into a sweaty pulp like it normally does this time of year.

And we haven't had to run the air conditioner; money in the bank my friend; money in the bank.

But I am a realist. I know eventually the weather is going to change. First its going to get hot and humid, and then its going to start getting cold. And the snow will start. If we're lucky it will hold off until after the Fair to snow. Hell, it was only a couple of years ago we had 5 inches of snow in the middle of October, I remember several Halloweens where everybody's costume was a coat, gloves and ski mask.

My biggest fear is another winter like 1976- '77 and 1977-'78; the nastiest winters in recorded history in the Cincinnati area. The Ohio river froze solid, and people actually walked across it. It was COLD. We went an entire month without a temperature higher than 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

And the snow; 53.9 inches over the winter. Almost 4 and a half FEET of snow.

So why am I dredging up horrible old memories?

Because I have seen ONE long range forecast for this year, and it is calls for a repeat of the late '70's.

Ain't it bad enough we have to suffer through another Carter Economy; do we have to suffer through Carter's weather too?

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