Monday, August 27, 2012

I Have Some Favorite Comic Strips Logo

And of course they are old strips. The Far Side; Bloom County; Calvin and Hobbes. I guess you can see the similarities, if you have ever read any of these strips in the paper.

But we are now in the digital age; some strips are available on the internets. One that I get to read everyday is Calvin & Hobbes.

Just in case you aren't aware, the strip tells the stories of a young boy- age indeterminate, but probably around 8- and his stuffed tiger, Hobbes. Well, actually, Hobbes is only a stuffed tiger for the rest of the world; he is a real tiger to Calvin.

It is usually Hobbes who has created the havoc that gets Calvin in trouble. Well, except for the trouble Calvin gets into on his own. Calvin is an only child; for very obvious reasons. Calvin will occasionally conduct a poll of the children in the house (Calvin) and warn Dad that his popularity is slipping based on, among other things, his support for an early bedtime. Dad usually takes these pronouncements in stride, aware that a coup is unlikely, although Calvin will usually threaten one.

Yesterday's strip was a classic:

Calvin and Hobbes

You can almost hear the chorus of "Been There, Done That" from the readers.

Something I did not know, until a few days ago, that the creator of Calvin and Hobbes is a native Ohioan; is a graduate from Kenyan College, and also has a Cincinnati connection.

It seems that when Bill Watterson did a stint as the Editorial Cartoonist for the Cincinnati Post back in 1980. He didn't last too long; just his six month trial period, but I'm going to call it a blessing. Had he left a mark as a Political Cartoonist, he would not have developed a favorite strip of mine.

At that would have been a real loss.

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