Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Harry Reid Says

That he has an unnamed source from Bain Capital who says Mitt Romney hasn't paid taxes in 10 years.


You know what amazes me about this claim?

Romney has been the presumptive candidate for almost 2 years now. 2 years while Obama has been in charge of the IRS.

Do they really, I mean REALLY expect me to believe that if they had Romney on a 10 year Tax Evasion charge he wouldn't have been perp walked already across the White House lawn?

Or Obama not having Mitt do the perp walk out of professional courtesy? You know; from one tax cheat to another?

Face it; even the Dems don't believe the story. They are on a fishing expedition; trying to get a look at Romney's returns, so they can exploit the information any way they can. Everybody knows that.

Besides; there are other ways to defeat Reid's charges; Romney can authorize the IRS to release the information that he has paid all taxes due since his first reportable income, without releasing any numbers.

Or Romney offer to release every year that Obama, Reid and Pelosi release. There's a safe bet he won't need to release one.

It's all Democrat illusion. Can't run on HOPE and CHANGE any more; so lets have Obama run on his record!

Yeah well, his record of change is why we have no hope left.

They only thing they have left is making sure Obama's record isn't clearly seen.

I'll bey his slogan, to be unveiled at the Convention- the Convention every contested Democrat is avoiding like the Hall is full of quicksand- will be:

Smoke and Mirrors!

And even then, some idiots will buy it.

At least enough to vote for Obama again.

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