Friday, August 17, 2012

I No Longer Carry A Cell Phone

I was watching Star Trek the other night and realized I need to rename my cell phone. I now carry a Communicator.

Think about it. 'Phone' is such a limiting word. And it only describes a small fraction of what the device does, especially if you have a Smart Pho... Communicator.

I probably spend less time using my Communicator as a phone than I do anything else. Emails, Texting, Games with Friends, Information from the Internet. I'm even reading the Complete Sherlock Holmes.

The Communicator Captain Kirk carried only did one thing; kept him in touch with his ship through voice communications. Mine keeps me in touch with family, friends, co workers- the entire world. And it does video.

And it fits in the palm of my hand, and can be carried anywhere on my belt.

It's a Communicator.

The only thing wrong with the word is its length. Phone is a nice one syllable word. Even Cell Phone is a short two syllables.

"Have you seen my Cell Phone?" rolls off the tongue, especially with the constant usage that phrase gets.

"Have you seen my Communicator?" has those extra 3 syllables that make it awkward.

Maybe we can shorten it? Maybe Commie? Except "have you seen my Commie?" may have a bad connotation. And I think Commie already has another meaning.

Phone is actually short for Telephone. Maybe  K-tor. "Have you seen my K-tor?" is short enough, but sounds evil.

Maybe Cater? "Have you seen my Cator?" It's short enough, but doesn't have the right ring.

Maybe CeeGee; short for Communications Gateway?

 I think it's perfect; short, has that rhyming thing going on, stands for something longer, and is incredibly descriptive of the device we all carry.

Now I just need to figure out how to get it into general circulation.

Act of Congress?

Nah; if the Repubs are for the Dems won't be.

Apple. I'll bet if I can get Apple to start using the term, then it won't be long and everybody else will too.

As much as I hate Apple and it's products, you can't deny the force they are in the marketplace.

So it won't be an Apple iPhone 5, but an Apple iCeeGee5.

That has a ring! I'd better start looking into licensing...

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