Sunday, August 26, 2012

Its Been A Slow Sunday

Some of the things you see when you are out and about. And of course, by the time you have a camera ready, there is nothing left to photograph.

Yesterday we went to the Cincinnati Germania Oktoberfest, and, as usual had a great time.  On the way there we passed a cemetery with two big signs out. On one, they were trying to hire 'Sales Consultants', and on the other they advertising a 50% off sale. I guess, unlike most cemeteries, people weren't dying to get in there?

Another sign I saw last weekend when I out and about caused a pause as well. The large, upper sign, said "TATE TOWNSHIP"immediately underneath that was a smaller sign: "Zoning Enforced". Good to know. But I'm still trying to figure out how, as motorist just passing through, why I need to know that Tate Township enforces it's zoning? Maybe I'm supposed to report a zoning violation if I see one? Or maybe its aimed at Mobile Homes? I can just see a couple towing a 16X60 with their Camry, spot the sign and decide its time to settle elsewhere? or can something on my vehicle be a somehow considered a zoning violation? Who knows?

One of my favorites is one I see almost daily, at the entrance to a fancy subdivision. Carved into stone, and laid into a brick wall, it proudly announces the name of the development as "Canon Ridge". Really? I can"t tell if they meant to name the place after a religious law; Intended to name the development and the street after a camera company; meant to use the the name Cannon Ridge and the contractor misspelled the sign, and figured nobody would notice, or initially called the development Cannon Ridge, but found they could save $100 on the sign by dropping an 'N' and abruptly changed the name. I guarantee you the truth will never be known.

I do know of a case where that happened. I used to work with an ol'boy whose last name ended in man. The story he would tell was that his dad and uncle started a dairy back in their youth, and hired a sign painter to paint the name of the dairy on the storefront window. Since he charged 25 cents a letter, they decided to drop the last 'N' from their name, and save a quarter. I don't remember what happened to the dairy, but name change was permanent.

Amazing what you run onto sometimes, ain't it?

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