Monday, August 13, 2012

I May Have Become a Birther

Okay, what we have here is just... well; it's just.... indescribable.

I was scrolling around on The Borderline Sociopathic Blog For Boys this morning when I ran into this video. It is indescribable.

We have a video of a man doing a pole vault. Yeah I know its only 7 foot 2 inches- the world record is 20 feet, 1-3/4 inches for pole vaulting. Hell, the world record for the high jump is just a touch over 8 feet.

Neither of those guys was 90.

Yep; a 90 year old man doing a pole vault. How do you do that? Stay that limber and physical at that age? I am little over half his age, and nostalgic for when I could do things like that.

Hell, I never could do things like that. I tried, back in High School, but tripped over the damn pole.

At an age when his peers are worried about falling getting out of bed, if they CAN get out of bed, this man is pole vaulting.

Because of Saturday's post, I wanna see a birth certificate on this guy. I'll bet he's only 40, and has dyed his hair.

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