Sunday, August 5, 2012

Friday Night at The Movies III

Okay; I kinda lied. Its Friday and Saturday Night at The Movies. Why? Because its my blog and I'll do as I please.

Okay; that's not strictly true either. The real reason is I couldn't make a decision on which movie to blog about, so I'm going to do both. Plus; they were short movies.

Friday night was Bob Hope and Bing Crosby- Road to Bali. Have you ever seen one of their Road pictures? If you have then you have seen them all.

Plot? A plot would have gotten in the way of the music and the gags. There is a loose story, but they never let a good gag get ruined by a possible story. Sight gags, slapstick, word play, no matter what you laugh at you will laugh at something in this movie. Always beautifully photographed, you could spend most of the movie just looking at the scenery.

A good way to spend an hour and a half some nasty evening.

Saturday night's movie was another Dukes of Hazzard lead in; Eat My Dust. Again, no real plot. A 17 year old kid steals a stock car off of a race track (an ORANGE one) to impress a girl, and they spend the rest of the movie running from the cops, who seem a bit inept. Sound familiar? One interesting bit is Ron Howard plays the thieving kid.

Released in 1976, it's a movie you need to be in the mood for. In the mood for a lot of engine noise and some running amok on the dirt roads in California? Yep; here's your movie. Character development and touchy-feelly garbage? See if you can find a copy of Kramer versus Kramer somewhere.

I also think I have used more words in this review that they actually used in the movie. They weren't real big on conversation. I also think I counted 117 separate and distinct uses of the word (phrase?) Yee-Haw.

Just like Road to Bali, I can think of worse ways to spend an hour and a half. One at the top of the list would be to watch Kramer versus Kramer.

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