Friday, January 3, 2014

Yeah; About That Global Warming Thing

It snowed last night. Not a lot; about an inch and a half here, but it was a wet, sticking snow. The kind that lands on the branches and barbed wire fence and gives everything a white frosting that makes the world look like a real-life Christmas display.

I love that kind of snow.

At least until I have to scrape it off my windshield and then drive in it. Like I had to do today.

And then it got COLD. not cold, or even Cold; but COLD. Single digit all day cold. It isn't COLD yet, but they are forecasting it. Another 29 days of this and the river might freeze again.

Don't tell me you are young enough that you don't remember when the river froze? Back in '77-'78? 'Course that was back in the day when it got COLD. We went an entire month below 0 degrees, and two months below freezing. and the half mile wide Ohio River froze over. Froze to the point that people walked on it. One young idiot even drove his car across from Ohio to Kentucky. It was a Volkswagen, but only a Beetle, so it wasn't like it was an expensive car, but still.

But, I digress. I was talking about today, not 35 years ago.

I took the picture on my way to the car this morning, just before I found the doors frozen shut. Yeah; that improved my mood alright.

And then, after find one door that would open (passenger side rear) and climbing through the car to get the driver's door open, then getting the car started I reached for my new $10 ice scraper (that I have used twice) and couldn't find it. Struggled to get the trunk open- yeah, it was frozen shut too- and still no ice scraper. For some reason it had migrated from the front seat to the back seat.

So by the time I did get the windows scraped and ready to go I was already in a foul mood. The snow that had looked like a fairyland frosting now looked like a salt encrustation  from the Dead Sea.

But I had a decent day while I was out, and coming home I grabbed some good Friday Night Beer, and went through a few back roads to get home.The road did look like a fairyland tunnel, withe the snow still on the trees and the snow covered branches reaching across the road toward each other like long-lost relatives at the airport.

And the road was clear; that really was the thing that improved my mood.

They are forecasting more snow for the weekend. With luck I will be able to enjoy it.

By staying home with a glass or two of bourbon.

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