Thursday, January 2, 2014

Now is the Future's History

It is hard in the short term to judge how history will eventually judge the events of 2013, as we don't know the long term impact of the events of the last year. What will the events in Benghazi mean in 10 years? In 20? Will Obama's reaction, or lack thereof, to the events that night lead to the first President to be thrown out of office by impeachment, sealing those events into the history books, or will they drop into the rabbit hole of history, studied only by the random scholar, delving into the most forgotten recesses of the early 21st Century?

I can certainly say that I don't know. I don't have a crystal ball or functioning Tarot deck, or even a bag full of old chicken bones.

But I do know History. Thousands of years of History. One fact stands out in the thousands of years of recorded history; it is the winners who write it.

So much of the last year's events will become history as told by the winners of the 2014 General Election.

Will the multitude of scandals currently slinging mud around Washington stick to Obama, as they should?

It depends; will we have 60 Conservative Senators?

Notice I didn't say Republican.

That is where the history will be written; in the Chambers of the 114th Congress.

If We The People win in 2014, then History will be written to include every misdeed the current Administration has made; Obama, Holder, Clinton, Sibelius, Kerry and the seemingly endless list of others will be held accountable for their seemingly endless list of crimes against the country.

If They The Government win, it all disappears down the proverbial rabbit hole.

It isn't enough to vote Republican (Boehner and McConnell are two traitors that immediately come to mind); we need to be able to vote for the RIGHT Republicans.

I registered to vote in 1978 as an Independent. I'm not a big joiner; I don't like big organizations, and I like joining big organizations even less.

But a few weeks ago I became a Republican. Not because of what they have become recently in a positive way, but in a negative way.

Since 1978 I have relied on the members of the Republican party to provide me with competent people to vote for. Apparently I can no longer make that assumption.

One of the best men in Congress, Thomas Massie, my Representative from Kentucky's Fourth District, has been an accurate voice for me in his term. The Republican Party wants to Primary him; he tends to tell the "Leadership" NO too often. I became a Republican to protect Thomas Massie.

One of my Senators is Mitch McConnell, who long ago stopped being a voice for me in the Senate.I can't say Matt Bevins will be any better. But there are two things in his favor: He can't be much worse, and he AIN'T Mitch McConnell. I became a Republican to vote against McConnell.

I am a Logical Libertarian. There are certain planks in the Libertarian Party Platform that I have issues with. Basically, the only legal function of the Federal Government is to deal with other countries, which may or may not mean militarily. The Libertarian Party seems to think if we leave the rest of the world alone, they will leave us alone. I find that position illogical. Besides, we need the rest of the world to buy what we are selling.

So while I may agree with most of the Libertarian platform, they seem naive on the way the world works. Or, if not naive, at least a little too trusting.

Which brings me back to the Republicans.

They seem to be taking my support for granted. I am not a big fan of being taken for granted.

So it's time to let the Republicans know that.

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